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Ok, January… sh*t just got real.

I’m freezing. Perhaps it’s the sideways wind, constant snow shower or the 20 degree temperature keeping me from getting warm!? I don’t know… just a hunch.

I was chatting with a client recently who was lamenting the January weather and the fact that none of her favorite clothes worked in this harsh Midwestern winter. All of those cute jackets and lightweight knits she loved were just not cutting it. Instead of wearing what she loved, she would throw on the heaviest sweater in her pile, her favorite pair of jeans and her go-to winter boots. Every day. Practical, yet not the most sartorially inspiring.

Ultimately, she was bored.

I thought about sending her a shopping list of pieces to freshen up her wardrobe, but decided what would be more useful is a layering guide to help her make the most of her existing collection and creatively mix-and-match her favorites.

So coming to you straight from my Gmail “Sent” folder, I bring you this handy winter layering guide!

Let’s start with a basic winter look and break it down step-by-step:

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Step #1: Base Layer

This most basic layer should be thin, breathable and figure-hugging. Our goal is to maintain a body-conscious profile even while adding layers. You don’t want to look like the Michelin Man by the time you’re done getting dressed!

winter layering guide 1

Step #2: 2nd Layer

The second layer will generally consist of something that can be opened, zipped or buttoned. A blazer, a cardigan, sweatshirt — even a button front shirt will work!

winter layering guide 2

Step #3: Lightweight Jacket/Vest

Now, this is where we start adding what we would use as typical outerwear during the spring or fall — leather, suede, fur, even down — as long as it’s compact and not too puffy.

winter layering guide blankness suede moto jacket burgundy 3

Step #4: Heavyweight Coat

Bring out the big guns here — wool, cashmere or down, in coat or parka form.

winter layering guide 4

Step #5: Accessories

Tie all of your layers together with coordinating accessories. Items like bags, hats, scarves and/or gloves don’t necessarily have to cost much, but can make an outfit look much more thoughtful and intentional vs. haphazard.

winter layering guide 5

So, what do you think?

Ready to layer your way to a whole new winter look?

winter layering guide

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