The 10 Best Handbags of 2017 (For Every Budget!)

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I think any woman can be definitively placed into one of three categories — a handbag girl, a shoe girl or a jewelry girl.

(Which one are YOU?)

I’m most definitely a handbag girl, with shoes coming in a very close second place. Jewelry… eh. Take it or leave it… although if you’re handing it out, I’ll definitely take it.

There’s just something about a great leather handbag that gets me really excited. I love how the simple accessory can transform an outfit, while still serving practical purposes. I love how a good handbag can easily last you for YEARS without going out of style or you tiring of the design. I love how a no-name, under-the-radar bag can be as loved and admired as a well known high-end designer handbag. I love how a simple handbag can tell people so much about its owner.

P.S. I love handbags.

Picking only 10 styles was a pretty tough challenge, but I think I got a good crossection of prices and designs for you to peruse. So go ahead, scroll down and see if you can spot your next dream bag on my list!

10 Best Handbags of 2017

1. KARA Nano Tie Leather Bag

If you’re looking for a small casual bag for your phone, wallet, keys and maybe a lip gloss — this is it! I love the clean design and minimalist vibe. It will literally go with everything in your closet and look way more designer and expensive than you’d ever expect. If you like the style, but are in the market for something a bit larger, you must check out THIS.

2. MANGO Applique Leather Bag

Would you ever think this bag is under $70!? Yeah, me neither. The rich suede give the bag a richness that’s perfect for all of your cold weather neutrals. The large shoulder bag style will also hold everything you need for a day on the go.


If we’re being totally honest, I love all bags by this designer (they’re more commonly known for their BUCKET BAG), but this circle bag just struck me as being so different. It may not be the perfect bag for everyone, but it’s definitely an attention grabber. I especially love the navy color.

4. GUCCI Dionysus

This might be my hands-down favorite bag of the year — perhaps last year, too. I’d forego the slightly less expensive monogram version and save up to splurge on the suede that seems just a bit more classic and timeless.

5. M2MALLETIER Amor Fati Bag

You’ve seen me post about this designer before — you can check out the post HERE. I love the modern take on the functional handbag! I own an embroidered version of the LA FLEUR DU MAL style and it holds so much more than you’d think. I wear it using the handle as a clutch, but add the cross body strap for a more daytime appropriate option.

6. HAERFEST Agnes Crossbody Satchel

To be honest, this is a pretty new-to-me designer that caught my eye over the holidays. For the price, I don’t think you’ll be able to find a better quality bag that’s a go-with-everything neutral and suede lined! The taupe color is pretty dreamy and has a Gucci-esque feel reminiscent of the DIONYSUS bag I love so much — just for much, much less.

7. CHLOE Faye

Chloe is every boho-loving girl’s dream. The perfect match for all of your 70’s inspired looks — think romantic florals, bell-sleeve tops and flare denim! This bag is one you will love for years to come – especially in this soft, warm-sienna tone.

8. CLARE V. Simple Tote

If tote bags had ethnicities, this lady would definitely be French — just like her creator. The quintessential carry-all tote awaits you in multiple color combos and sizes. Any woman, of any age could use a bag like this to carry her… well, anything!

9. BLAIR RITCHIE Penn Carry All

10 best bags 2017

Here’s the scoop — Blair is a local, Cleveland gal with big talent. She’s also a new mom, so she knows what’s up when it comes to blending design with function. Her PENN CARRY ALL really does it all and more with its 7 compartments, waterproof coating, indestructible lining, convertible straps (it can be worn as a backpack too!) and totally chic design. Whether you’re in need of a baby bag, a work bag, a travel tote or just a really cool bag to enjoy for yourself, this is it.

10. ESTEMPORANEA Nico Tote Bag

Roomy, with a clean design and multiple straps, I knew I found a handbag “winner” as soon as I spotted this beauty! Make sure to check out this tote in GARDENIA before it sells out… because it will. I know these things.

10 best bags 2017

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