A Must-Shop Etsy Retailer You Probably Don’t Know About

st.armands designs les bonbons dupe headerWhen it comes to shopping, I pretty much consider myself a pro.

I mean, give me an hour, a defined budget and I can hook a sista’ up!

Living in NYC for so many years, local boutique shopping because a luxury that I took for granted. Looking back, it was so fantastic to have any well-known or up-and-coming designer literally sitting at my doorstep — or at least a subway ride away.

st.armands designs etsy jewelry earrings les bonbons dupe

Since moving to Cleveland, I’ve had less opportunity to brick and mortar shop and have relied heavily on the internet both for myself, as well as my styling clients. When I came across ST. ARMANDS DESIGNS on ETSY last week, I was beyond shocked and excited to discover a shop that carried such a unique and affordable inventory of fun accessories. Even more exciting, was that I was able to find all of those on-trend statement earrings I mentioned yesterday (read it HERE), for a fraction of their designer retail price!

The shop owner, Kristina was inspired by Florida’s mid-century Art Deco movement and the deep turquoise hues of the Gulf Beaches (she’s based in Sarasota) when she created her little shop. ST. ARMANDS DESIGNS instills a blend of bohemian chic with the more traditional and colorful resort style of the region. Did I mention, the lightweight, well-made pieces are a fraction of their designer retail price?

Come to mama.

Here are just a few of the styles that I’m totally lusting over:

St.Armands Designs Les Bonbons dupe Luna Earrings

These LUNA CROCHET DROP EARRINGS ($35) are a dead ringer for the fashionista favorite, Rebecca de Ravenel pair that ring in at a minimum of $295!

St.Armands designs La Coquina Etsy earrings les bonbons dupe

THE COQUINA ($35) tassel earring is the perfect beach vacation accessory! Who needs to spend $395 on the Oscar de la Renta tassel when you can essentially get the same style for 10% of the cost?!

St.Armands Designs La Coquina tassel earring Les Bonbons dupe turquoise

I love this style in the TURQUOISE, too! Kristina does take custom orders, so if you’re not the hunt for something special make sure you give her a shout. For all of my brides out there — these earrings would make such a cute bridesmaid gift!

By the way, do you guys use ETSY!? You should.

It’s like this vast universe of boutique shopping a few clicks of the mouse away. You can literally find ANYTHING on there, however some of my favorite purchases have definitely been jewelry related. Best of all, you get to support small business owners and talented artisans, like Kristina with each purchase.

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