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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.72

Friday Link LoveWelcome to the “I’m-Getting-Old-and-Falling-Apart” edition of Friday Link Love! 

I’ve spend the last few days struggling with knee pain and a really tight IT band — it’s the ligament that runs up the side of your leg from hip to ankle. I tweaked it ice skating with my kids and it’s been getting progressively more annoying ever since. I finally bit the bullet and took a break on all of my spinning and higher impact cardio this week in hopes that resting it, foam rolling it and treating it with Aleve would do the trick. I also added in a few hot yoga classes to help loosen things up and stretch out the kinks.

Lord knows, I could use more ‘Om’ in my life.

So, here we are… at least it’s Friday, right? What’s better on a Friday than some guilty pleasure Friday Link Love reading and have I got some great ones for you!

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What I’m Reading:

•  If you live in the NE Ohio area, you might be familiar with EVEREVE. If not, you should definitely read THIS ARTICLE and learn how this entrepreneur took mom style to a whole new level.

•  Last week, we touched upon WHAT THE BACHELOR CONTESTANTS SPEND to get ready for their big TV debut, now let’s take a glimpse into what these ladies (who are only there for the ‘right’ reasons) are EATING WHILE FILMING THE REALITY SERIES.

•  Here’s HOW NOT TO KILL YOUR FIDDLE LEAF PLANT. Let’s save the gruesome murders for our next Netflix series.

•  Over the years, I’ve gotten dozens of questions about New York City and what to eat, where to sleep, what to do, etc. For starters, you can brush up on your NYC knowledge by reading my WEEKEND GUIDE. However, if you’re a coffee/cafe addict like me, make sure you bookmark this list of NYC’s BEST COFFEE SHOPS!

Friday_link_love_ acai_bowl_smoothie_healthy_breakfast

What I’m Making:

•  I started 2017 with the best intentions to eat a cleaner, more nutritious diet. Prepping lunches for the week has been extra helpful and this THAI CURRY NOODLE SOUP IN A JAR is definitely going into the rotation!

•  While this meal is not exactly as healthy, I do think I would make an exception for these SALSA VERDE PORK STUFFED POBLANO PEPPERS.

friday_link_love_ vince_brogue_oxford_leather_shoes_Nordstrom_Rack

What I’m Buying:

•  We’ve come into the part of the Winter 2017 season when you finally recognize all of the style pieces your wardrobe is lacking. Unfortunately, retailers have since moved on to their spring transitional merchandise, or the product you love is long sold out. Well, I’ll let you in my little secret. It’s called FARFETCH. They’re a global online consolidator of small boutiques around the world. Can’t find that coat you’re been lusting over all winter? Farfetch will source and ship it to you (for FREE) from a small boutique in Milan… or Tokyo… or Toronto! Following me?

As a bonus, with favorable currency conversions you might even score an unexpected discount on an item.


Here are just a few of the winter items that have caught my eye — they just happen to be on sale, as well!

·  This poppy colored WRAP COAT can instantly brighten any dull winter wardrobe!

·  For something a bit more classic, this CAMEL COAT is a wardrobe game changer.

·  Does anyone find it as amusing as me that this adorable NEW YORK SWEATSHIRT is being shipped from Italy?! It comes in a really cute BROOKLYN VERSION, too.

·  Anyone in the market for JIMMY CHOO SUEDE OVER-THE-KNEE-BOOTS at 60% off?!

·  I’m loving this IRO TWEED TOP. Layer it over a white button down now, or wear it with a flirty skirt later this spring!

·  These LEVI’s 501s are skinny jean perfection.

·  This buttery soft LEATHER TASSEL CLUTCH is coming to you straight from Brazil!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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