Put A Ribbon On It

put a ribbon on it bow hair tie street style winter 2017

Got a minute?

Let’s talk hair — really easy, polished and pretty much effortless hair.

Stop shaking your head. It does exist.

put an ribbon on it hair tie street style winter 2017

As my hair has grown out from its original, shoulder-length, angled lob, I’ve been having a bit of fun playing with the new length. I’ve been putting it up in high ponytails, a few buns here and there and definitely more than my share of messy twists. When I saw the image above, it was almost as if a lightbulb went off on top of my head (old-school cartoon style).

A-ha!” I thought.

Here’s how to take the everyday hair and elevate it to something noteworthy.

All that was involved? A thin, black, ribbon hair tie.

put a ribbon on it bow hair tie street style winter 2017 2

put a ribbon on it bow hair tie street style winter 2017 3

Okay, if I’m being totally honest, just a little bit more is involved BUT anyone can handle these 3 easy steps.

1. Give your hair a spritz with a TEXTURIZING or DRY SHAMPOO spray. Clean hair is often not the best for any sort of styling and doesn’t grip as well. Second day (or 3rd, 4th…) is definitely preferred. Shake out your hair and even back comb a little at the crown to give it a bit of lift.

2. Spray a LIGHT-HOLD HAIRSPRAY onto your hands and gather hair back into a low pony tail. Whether it’s at the nape of your neck, or slightly higher is completely your call. Tie hair back with a small clear NO TANGLE HAIR BAND. You don’t want hair pulled tight and slicked back — just loosely gathered.

3. Take your ribbon of choice and tie in a loose knot or bow around the hair band. The more imperfect the better. We’re going for sophisticated ingenue, NOT American Girl.

My best resource for ribbons is your local craft store. While the traditional GROSGRAIN style is great year-round, try a VELVET for a lush, winter look. Can’t decide what color? Black is a classic, but any color will look simply lovely.

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