Late Winter ’17 Mood Board

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The winter doldrums have set in… big time.

At the precisely the same time each year (late January – early March) the constant cold and darkness begin to take a toll on my skin, my appetite (bottomless!), my mood and my inspiration.

(Does this happen to you, too?)

I think it’s a combination of old fashioned cabin fever and lack of vitamin D. In the grand scheme of things, these “ailments” are all so minimal and relatively treatable. Here’s the prescription that seems to  work best for me: exercise, meal planning and creating an inspiration/mood board.

Exercise is fairly self-explanatory and if you’re interested in hearing about meal-planning, I can write a detailed post on exactly what that entails (just let me know!). Today, I wanted to focus on the mood board and tune you in on what’s been keeping my creativity flowing and fueling my love for style.

As I browse the internet (which as you might imagine, happens a lot!), I’m constantly saving and PINTEREST pinning images that somehow speak to me. Over time, I always find that when I look at the individual photos as an aggregate, there is some theme or aesthetic that stands out.

…and well, I take it from there.

Late Winter ’17 Mood Board

late winter '17 mood board flower bouquet string lights neutrals

late winter '17 mood board 6

late winter '17 mood board latte coffee croissants prada

late winter '17 mood board 2

late winter '17 mood board florals tie bell sleeves

What’s been inspiring you?

late winter '17 mood board

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