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Man, January seems to be the month of the Great Purge.

Throughout the year, the needs of my clients shift. There’s always a natural ebb and flow between the shopping/styling requests and the cleansing/reorganization requests and currently, we’re leaning heavy into the latter.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked with my share of closets: some bedroom sized, others, well, not so big. As the slightly (ok, VERY) inappropriate saying goes —  It’s not about the size of the waves, but the motion of the ocean. This notion can be clearly applied to a closet — it’s really not about the size, but how effectively you use the space.

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How are you using YOUR space?

We could add probably benefit from a bit of purging — trust me, it feels so good! Use this handy chart courtesy of MakeSpace to most effectively eliminate the clutter and make room for the things you love! MakeSpace is a self-storage company that has storage locations around the US.

Makespace_clutter_flowchart_v04_dream_closet_design (1)

Now, getting back to those things you love…

Are they dresses and skirts?


Do you own lots of t-shirt or are you more of a button down/blouse wearing gal?

Do you have accessories up the wazoo, or is your aesthetic a bit more minimalist?

Etc., etc., etc.

Once we critically think about our wardrobe, we’ll be better able to create the correct distribution of space and storage needed to house all of our beautiful, wonderful, perfectly-coordinated stuff. To help you better understand the logistics of creating a visually appealing and functional closet, I created my own dream closet design — you can check it out below:

Pretty, ain’t she?

Some Design Notes:

1. Lighting is key.

Don’t skimp on lighting in your closet. Since most walk-ins don’t offer any sort of natural lighting (at least mine doesn’t!) I wanted to create a light and bright feel to the small space. I accomplished this with white painted wood-work, light toned hardwoods, and great fixtures with multiple bright, bulbs.

A quick design tip: When adding lighting to a vanity, place any sconces to the sides of the mirror to keep your reflection from getting swallowed up by overhead shadows.

2. Keep anything not visually appealing stored away in drawers.

Workout clothes, socks, sleepwear, your ratty tees — no one really wants to look at these things. Keep these less than pretty things stored in built-in drawers to keep your space less cluttered and your design as attractive as possible.

3. Hangers should be uniform.

All it takes is a few minutes and under $20 for a package of matching HUGGABLE HANGERS. These are slim profile and no-slip — perfect for keeping your newly organized closet looking it’s absolute best.

4. A clean, tabletop surface is your new bestie.

Adding an island to the center of a walk-in closet not only gives you great storage space for jewelry, accessories and those unmentionables (see #2), but it also provides a useful workspace. From sorting/folding laundry, to planning your outfits, it’s nice to have a designated space to work on, right in your closet.

5. Get creative with art.

Ideally, you want your dream closet to feel like a high-end, shoppable boutique. No matter your budget, you can accomplish this a number of ways. Perhaps the easiest way to get the boutique look is through art. For quite a while, I’ve been meaning to get a few of my silk HERMÉS SCARVES stretched, matted and framed. Not only does this preserve a delicate, collectible item, but those gorgeous scarves add so much color, texture and personality, too!

6. Employ a valet.

While yes, a personal valet, chef, cleaning staff and butler would be nice, in this case I’m referring to a VALET HOOK that either attaches directly to a wall, or pulls out from one of your built-in shelving units. This little hook makes outfit planning and even packing for a getaway a breeze! Even if you use it nightly to prep your outfit for the next day, it keeps items unwrinkled and looking their best.

What does your dream closet design look like?

dream closet design


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