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I’m a little embarrassed to say I debated putting this post up for quite some time.

Although I’m an (over)sharer of all things style and fashion (just take a peek through my 3 years of THD archives!), I’ve been holding back a secret. Everyone has at least one style secret they like to keep their own. You know, that special person, retailer or wardrobe addition that you have that no one else does, and for whatever reason you want to keep it that way?

Unfortunately, I can’t contain it any more.

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Here goes:  Danner boots.

“What are Danner boots?”, you might be asking.

(Click on the product below for details!)

Well, Danner boots (specifically the DANNER MOUNTAIN ULTRA LIGHT style) are a pair of made in Portland, leather, water-resistant, all-terrain hiking boots that I first spotted a few years ago worn by Reese Witherspoon in the movie, Wild. You might even recall that the boots were prominently featured on the cover of the book as well. These Danner boots are most notable for their wide, red laces.

Pretty fancy.

I loved them in the movie and honestly, forgot about them for quite some time. Then lo and behold, last year I started spotting ISABEL MARANT’S NOWLES style and RAG & BONE COMPASS boots on the feet of jet-setting fashionistas. I couldn’t help but think that they looked familiar. Thus, my obsession with the Danner Mountain Ultra Light boots began — again.

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I’ve been wearing my Danner boots all month now — through snow, sleet and ice. I’ve worn them out at night with SKINNY BLACK JEANS and an oversized CABLE KNIT SWEATER. I’ve worn them on my way to my spin class with LEGGINGS and thick MARLED SOCKS. No matter where I wear them, one thing is certain — someone will stop me and ask me where I got my boots.

So here I am — to tell you where to get the boots. I got mine HERE, but you can also find them HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE.


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While they are not inexpensive, Danner offers a lifetime warrantee. The boots are completely recraftable, so if for any reason you wear through the sole, the stitching comes undone or you experience some sort of issue with the leather, Danner will replace or repair the boot for you at no cost. Ironically, this original style is also a fraction of the price of those designer dupes I mentioned earlier. I would recommend purchasing the boot in a 1/2 size smaller than your regular shoe size, as they do run big. The leather is relatively thick and stiff, but will break in and mold to your foot in a few wears.

Ahhh, I feel so much better now that I got that all off my chest.

Hopefully, my style secret is now safe in your hands — or more specially, on your feet!

danner mountain light boots

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