Flu Season

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This winter has been especially harsh when it comes to the assortment of nasty bugs going around.

Between the extra-severe flu strain and the hard to contain Norovirus (that sh*t can live up to 2 weeks and is impermeable to alcohol-based hand sanitizer!), it’s no wonder that people are dropping like flies — my household included. Today’s post is going to be a quick one, as I’ve got a very cute 5 year old patient to attend to… and a booster seat to replace.

(Yeah, I was not even attempting to undertake sanitizing that thing. Straight into the garbage it went.)

For times like this (a.k.a. flu season!), whether you’re the patient or the caregiver — it’s important to feel comfortable. Yes, you can stay in those fleece pj pants all day, but c’mon, you’re better than that! Although I’m not a medical professional, I will say that when you’re feeling under the weather nothing makes you feel better than a long, hot shower and a clean set of clothes.

Kind of like these:

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tank top // sweater // joggers // jacket // sneakers // scarf // tote

Nothing constricting, soft fabrics and and cozy knits… what’s not to like?!

You’ll also feel way better about yourself as you’re strolling the aisles of Target looking for Clorox wipes, Gatorade, ginger ale and your next batch of cold and flu meds.

flu season

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