corset trend cinched waist street style easy spring outfits

Runway high-fashion aside, street style fashion is probably one of the best indicators of the big trends that lay ahead for the upcoming seasons.

All it takes is a quick peek at the countless images online posted by professional street-style photographers and you’ll quickly put together a road map for all of the trends that will be making their way down the retail supply chains. As I’ve been live-streaming some of the NYFW coverage, I couldn’t help but notice one style in particular cropping up on everyone from OLIVIA PALERMO, to TAYLOR TOMASI HILL — layered corsets!

A bit surprising, no!?

corset trend milan street style spring outfit ideas

corset trend street style spring outfit ideas

The once Victorian-era staple has been relegated to lingerie for quite some time, but these ladies somehow made this boudoir piece wearable. Not just model, or fashion it-girl wearable. Wearable as in people like you and me can actually pull this off — AND look thinner while doing it!


Here’s how:

•  This corseted style looks best when layered over tailored, or body conscious pieces — think long sleeve blouses, fitted tees, turtlenecks or even bodysuits.  A simple white button down shirt will take on a completely different look when a corset is involved!

•  If a corset is simply out of your comfort zone, take a more conservative interpretation of this trend with a structured strapless or bustier top. The resulting layered style is slightly less severe and more easily wearable by women of all ages. Best of all, you can ditch the layers and wear those strapless pieces on their own once the summer rolls around!

•  For a minimal corset investment for maximum style payoff, an extra wide belt positioned at your natural waist (the narrowest part of your body) will accentuate an hour glass figure and give you well-proportioned curves where you once thought none existed.

corset trend layers street style spring easy outfits

corset trend street style fashion spring outfit ideas

Got those creative styling juices flowing?

Shop my favorite corseted picks below:

corset trend street style easy spring outfits

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