Seeing Stars

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Earlier this week, I was with a client and as we were sorting through her wardrobe we kept noticing that a certain pattern kept popping up over and over. From accessories, to tops, to even shoes — we were seeing stars.

Not that I blame her… after all, we’re all made of star dust anyway.

(A small scientific side note: billions of years ago when the Big Bang occurred, the reaction spewed infinite numbers of elemental particles into the universe in the form of atoms. The basic building blocks of life. Those same atoms currently reside in our bodies and make up our human chemistry. Cool, huh?)

Star patterns can take on a whimsical tone and instantly provide some visual interest into what would otherwise be a plain t-shirt or dress. Even more importantly, I believe that stars are a slightly more sophisticated and modern take on the traditional polka dot. If dots and spots are in your fashion wheelhouse, this star trend is definitely for you!

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From designer (Hello, VALENTINO BEAUTIES!) to a more reasonable contemporary spin (I LOVE that BELL SLEEVE little number in the top row!), there are star printed fashion finds for all budgets.

Will you be seeing stars this season?

seeing stars

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