Pass The Mustard

mustard yellow color street style

I feel like the entire city of Cleveland was just given a dose of Xanax.

Everyone’s happy, smiling and out and about — not what you’d expect mid-February, yet that’s what happens when it hits 65 degrees on a weekend afternoon. All it takes is a small dose of sunshine to thaw out our city and our cold, barren souls.

Spring, you can’t get here soon enough!

All of this unexpected vitamin D has gotten me excited for the fashion that lies ahead for Spring. To be honest, I don’t do much shopping for transitional seasons. Instead, I always recommend focusing on existing wardrobe staples and easing them into the new season with layers, textures and most importantly, color.

One of my favorite transitional colors (and a showstopper at last week’s NYFW!) is mustard. Not exactly the prettiest sounding color, but stick with me here. The warmth of the rich mustard color breathes new life into our typically cool, or neutral hued winter wardrobes. If you’re feeling bold and looking to embrace the color, try matching it up with another primary color (red, royal blue, etc.) for the ultimate in color blocking. If the Crayola brights were never really your thing, mustard yellow looks surprisingly stunning when in the company of pink.

You know what?! Pictures speak a thousand words, so let me show you…

mustard yellow color pairing grey denim street style
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mustard yellow cognac pink street style
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mustard yellow color royal blue black street style
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So what do you think?!

Will you be trying the mustard yellow color trend this season?

mustard yellow color trend

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