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Thursday greetings, from a very tired old lady.

Last night, Maroon 5 came to the Q in Cleveland and while my brain thinks I still have “Moves Like Jagger,” my sore and tired body begs to differ. I know… wild, crazy and out late on a school night! Don’t you worry, I’ll be paying the price all day today.

Bring on the coffee.

(Small side note: We just upgraded our Keurig to a new NESPRESSO VERTUOLINE coffee/espresso machine and it’s totally ROCKED. MY. WORLD. I’ve never enjoyed my morning coffee, espresso, cappuccino and/or lattes more. I also haven’t been to Starbucks ONCE since the machine arrived almost a month ago. I think this deserves a post all onto itself! Stay tuned.)

Let’s get back to fashion, though. Specifically, one of my most favorite topics of all — handbags. Throughout Fashion Month, I’ve been spotting a certain trend EXPLODING on the runways and city streets.

Are you ready for it!?

Ring bags.

(I hate to say I told you so, but I TOLD YOU SO.)

Since I first shared the ring trend on THD, the oversized, metallic rings have made their way from decorative handbag accents to full-on, practical design elements. With warmer weather on its way, my favorite interpretation of this accessory trend just happens to be perfect for those spring/summer night’s out. This season, ditch those embellished and old-school clutches for this way more modern and inspiring style.

Shop The Trend:

ring bags

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