The One Pair Of Jeans You Need To Ditch This Season


As long as I’ve been working in the fashion and styling business, skinny jeans have reigned supreme. No matter how good the new and unique denim styles are (and there are many!), you ladies sure do love your skinnies.

That’s cool. I’m ok with that. I get it.

Skinny jeans are comfortable, they’re (generally) flattering, and they can be found at all sorts of price points. Better yet, they’re easy. Throw on your favorite pair of skinnies with a RUFFLED BLOUSE and your PLATFORM ESPADRILLES and you have yourself a chic Spring look. When it comes to our skinnies, not much convincing is required.

Just do me one favor, okay?!

Can we ditch those bright and Crayola crayon colored pairs you have lurking in the back of your closet? Make sure to hang tight to your favorite shades of blue, black, grey and whites — but the others? Yeah, well… I think it’s time for them to go.

spring denim trends

Why?“, you ask.

Because, data.

Yes, statistics, math and science play a role in everything — even spring denim trends. Each season, analysts run data on what we, the consumers, are searching for via search engines, retailer databases, etc. It turns out that colored denim has taken a nose dive in searches and sales (even at a discount) and has taken the backseat to embellished denim — ripped jeans, embroidery, raw hems, etc. Oh, and don’t worry — those embellished denim styles will be sticking around for a while. With athleisure and athletic wear becoming a more mainstream fashion staple, denim needs to be “special” to stand out and hang onto market share.

Here are some of my favorite embellished denim styles for you to peruse…

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spring denim trends

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