An Off-The-Shoulder Style You Should Wear NOW


I come to you this Thursday with very good news in hand.

If you’re anything like me and have been longing for the day Spring weather finally arrives to bust out all of your new off-the-shoulder and more skin-exposing clothes, wait no more. There exists an off-the-shoulder style top that is perfectly appropriate for this late winter freeze.

Feast your eyes on the OFF-THE-SHOULDER CARDIGAN!


It’s a slight bit cozier than those typical off-the-shoulder styles (that THEORY CASHMERE CARDIGAN on GRACE is so soft!) and the knit piece gives you a great opportunity to get creative with layering. In case you were wondering, this off the shoulder cardigan looks (unexpectedly) cute layered over a white blouse!

Try it fitted and tucked into a higher waisted pair of trousers/jeans, or leave it oversized and layered over your favorite pair of skinnies. If you’re looking for a waist defining look, try a BALLET-INSPIRED WRAP version and wear it over your favorite dress or full-skirt like in the image below.

So many good options…



While a few variations of the off the shoulder cardigan exist, my favorite happens to have ties at the shoulders. That little contrasting detail adds just enough oomph to a pretty, basic piece. For practical purposes, the straps are nice to have to keep your top from shifting around too much as you go about your day.

You know, like when you need to clean ice and snow off your car in MARCH!

Nah, I’m not bitter or anything.

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