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Did you ever have a strong opinion and/or dislike for something and then one day, wake up and decide that you were wrong all along!?

A girl can change her mind, you know… AND in case you were wondering, no, I haven’t changed my opinion on THIS.

There is, however, a preppy spring trend that been cropping up since the the September NYFW runways and making me think twice about my feelings toward gingham. Gingham is not anything NEW, per se, but current gingham styles seem to be taking over fashion lately. Rather than the typical, demure, prim and proper aesthetic we all associate with those mini checks, this season, gingham has made a switch to the deconstructed, asymmetrical, raw-hem dark side.

… and I like it.

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If you’re like me, and not quite into the whole sweetheart, 1950’s, retro vibe — here are 3 tips to get your wearing gingham in a fresh, modern way:

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1. Layer your gingham

Try unexpected combinations like a denim, or leather jacket over a traditional gingham print. The light layer will toughen up a gingham look instantly.

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2. Incorporate modern accessories

Pair your gingham with bold accessories that will elevate the retro print and bring it into modern times. From belts, to stud details and tomboy loafers — these more masculine inspired accessories will keep your look from skewing too girly or cute and help you enter into much more sophisticated territory.

gingham spring trend street style 5

3. Mix + match your print

Don’t be afraid to mix + match your gingham with other colors and prints! Since gingham is generally a smaller scale print, stick to larger checks, oversized florals or bolder stripes to keep the look intentional and balanced.

Now that you have the basics squared away, shop the gingham spring trend below:

gingham spring trend

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