Find Of The Week: Black Satin Slip On Mules

black satin slip on mules header

Nothing like a it’s-too-good-to-be-true shopping find to get your week started.

Let me give you a small spoiler alert: they’re satin yet casual enough for everyday wear, they’re one of this season’s most sought after styles (mules, for those of you curious!) and they’re under $30.


I was too when I saw them on the H&M website. Yes, no joke… they’re from H&M.

Ready for the big reveal!?


black satin slip on mules

H&M, Black Satin Slip On Mules $24.99

Wear these black satin slip on mules with your favorite spring SLIP DRESS, your most comfortable  STRAIGHT LEG JEANS and even those KICK CROP FLARE TROUSERS I love so much. The black color is what I’m personally eyeing, but I wouldn’t turn down that pretty ballet pink pair either. For only $24.99, I just might be buying BOTH.

I’ve been seeing this knot design on a number of much more expensive pairs of shoes. It’s this little detail that makes this particular style stand out as something “special.”

Don’t ya think?

black satin slip on mules

(P.S. — In case this particular style is not for you, feast your eyes on THESE ($24.99) SATIN SLINGBACK BEAUTIES!)

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