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The last couple weeks, I’ve spent a good amount of time giving my home a spring deep-clean. I’ve been removing clutter, organizing closets, cleaning woodwork and trim and finally, the fun part: updating decor.

While in the midst of this OCD-fueled process, I’ve taken note of a new trend in interior design and decor  that’s a quick way to inject color and pattern, without disrupting the overall feel and aesthetic of your home. Regardless of whether your interior style is rustic, preppy, glam or boho, agate is a unique decorative detail to incorporate into your design.

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It’s these small, inexpensive touches that make your home shine — literally and metaphorically, in this case. Also, if you’re not quite comfortable with bold patterns, agate’s fluid lines and subtle blended colors are a good way to ease yourself into the pattern pool without overwhelming your senses.

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For an easy furniture update, why not switch out the traditional knobs for some with a bit more personality? With under $100, you can essentially create a custom designer piece. Just take a peek at the vanity situation above — isn’t it dreamy?

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Crystals and agate home decor are currently “having a moment” due to their ability to absorb and transfer energy. Why not give them a shot for a bit more good ju-ju in your space?

Worst case scenario, they’ll make a pair of really stylish bookends.

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