Leggings Are NOT Pants — Part 2

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I’m sure by now you’re heard/read about United Airlines and their most recent debacle involving 10 year old girls and leggings.

If not, here’s the scoop: A group of young girls were traveling on a “buddy pass.” That means they are a friend and/or family member of a United Airlines employee and fly for free. As “representatives” of the airline they must adhere to a stricter dress code than paying customers — i.e. no revealing clothing, sleepwear, etc. Two of these young girls in leggings were forced to change prior to boarding and a social media storm ensued.

Now, obviously this situation is not as clear cut as it may have seemed on the surface when it was first made public by an airport bystander. There is a whole lot of grey territory involved. There are also issues of sexism, societal oppression and victimhood that all have been thrown out there for public consumption.

Overreaction? Possibly… but that’s for you to decide.

What I see as a main takeaway from this unfortunate PR snafu is that leggings — aside from exercise, yard work or Netflix couch surfing purposes — are a divisive fashion element. As comfortable as they are, there is a right time and place for them and most importantly, a right way to wear them.

A few years ago I published a post called: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Have you read it yet? If not, go check it out! It’s a good one (if I say so, myself). I still stand by every word.

Once you’re done reading that, check out the outfit break down below.

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Lady-in-line-at-Target-with-the-pink-polka-dot-thong-peeking-though-your-sheer-black-leggings (true story), for the love of God, THIS is how you should be wearing leggings!

Top // Pants // Vest // Sneaker // Backpack // Sunglasses

So, let’s break this look down piece-by-piece.

Some Style Notes:

  1. This legging style works because you’re not actually wearing leggings. You’re wearing a legging/trouser hybrid affectionally dubbed, “TREGGINGS.” Go ahead, look it up — people are actually using this word. Treggings give you the look and feel of leggings, but with some oomph in the form of better fabrication. You’ll find thicker materials like twill and details such as pockets, without sacrificing the pull-on, stretchy comfort of a legging.

  2. The STRIPE SWEATER is key to pulling off this look! Notice the dip hem. That means it’s longer in the back than in the front and keeps your goodies under wraps. Win-win for everyone involved. Since the bottom portion of your outfit is fitted and body conscious, a looser, drapier top will keep the look in balance.

  3. I love a good waist cinching anorak. THIS ONE is sleeveless — a great Spring find! Obviously, you can wear just the sweater and “treggings,” but this THIRD PIECE completes the look and gives it a bit more style and personality. It also keeps you warm when Mother Nature gives you the middle finger and refuses to acknowledge that Spring is actually here.

  4. The excuse I hear the most about wearing leggings is that — “it’s just easy!” Um, Ok. If you’re all about ease, then this LEATHER BACKPACK is definitely a must for you. There is nothing better than being hands free… you know, for when you’re busy shopping for actual pants!

  5. Last but not least, a note on the shoes — the NIKE ROSHE TWO. To keep your look comfortable, practical and athletically inspired, I added my new favorite sneaker to the outfit. In addition to being one of the most comfortable, foot-hugging sneakers I have ever owned, they’re super cute. They’re also slip on! Perfect for when you’re on the go, or wrestling with all of your stuff in the TSA security line.

Shop The Look:

Tell me: What are your thoughts on this latest legging debate!?

leggings are not pants

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