The 4 Looks Every Woman Needs In Her Closet

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Since founding The Heart’s Delight almost 4 years ago, I’ve been around the closet block.

I’ve seen closets and wardrobes of every size, shape and iteration. I’ve spent hours purging and sorting and styling and shopping. All of this time and effort was not for naught — I’d like to think that my clients have been left with functional, stylish wardrobes they love.

More importantly, all this time in the closet has helped me to figure out a crucial fashion hack to ensure you have a well-rounded wardrobe of essential pieces that can pretty much get you through life — however crazy it may be.

It all comes down to this: 4 looks every woman needs in her closet.

Yes, 4 looks and a total of 16 pieces are all you need to cruise through life in style.

Don’t believe me? See how it all comes together below!

All Business

Whether you work in a corporate office or not, a “power-suit” should be something that every woman has in her closet. Now, this suit technically doesn’t even need to be a suit at all. Consider this a coat of armor when you need to feel your most confident. This outfit should make you feel strong, powerful, and ready to tackle anything head-on.

Trench Coat // Silk Blouse // Crop Trousers // Pumps (THIS is a less expensive version!)

Date Night

We all need an outfit to let loose in. It’s not about showing too much skin, or wearing something tight and low cut. Simply put, this is an outfit that should bring some whimsy and fun to your wardrobe and make you smile each time you wear it.

4 outfits every woman needs

Leather Jacket (THIS is a great wallet-friendly dupe!) // Ruffled Top // Jeans // Sandals


Every woman needs a solid formula for a getting dressed on a regular work day. Even if you work from home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be polished! That little bit of extra effort will not only make you feel better about yourself, but will surprisingly encourage you to be more productive.

4 outfits every woman needs

Single Button Blazer // Stripe Top // Wide-Leg Trouser // Loafers

Sunday Funday

Warm weather weekend looks are simple to pull off with these 4 pieces in your arsenal. Light cotton layers are finished off with cute and comfy sneaker. To keep from looking too sloppy, keep all your pieces wrinkle-free and well-fitted, without being overly clingy or tight. Don’t forget, you need to make room for your Sunday brunching!

4 outfits every woman needs

Denim Jacket // Graphic T-shirt (Sold out; THIS ONE is in stock in all sizes!)// Skirt // Sneakers

Use this 4-outfit formula to get yourself organized and prepared for any occasion or mood that may arise! Don’t forget, all of these pieces can be mixed or match to further stretch your wardrobe potential. It’s pretty amazing how far 16 pieces can take you with a bit of creativity!

Got any wardrobe questions you need help with?

You’ve got a professional stylist at your service and happy to help. Send over your toughest style quandaries in the comment section below and I’m on it.

4 outfits every woman needs

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