Why, hello there! Remember me?

It’s been quite a while since we last caught up — 10 days, to be exact — and I’m not gonna lie, the social media blackout was a fantastic change of pace. It was so nice to unplug, unwind and rarely (if at all) check my phone during the day. I got to enjoy a week with my family, read 4 books, soak up some sunshine and recharge. I tried to disconnect from everything work related and give my mind and body a break.

… but now I’m back and best of all, I’m excited to be back.

Rather than waste any more time, let’s just dive right back into things — namely, Spring style! While I was enjoying a daily high of 84 degrees and non-stop sunshine, the rest of the country seemed to be in a Spring weather flux with temperatures shifting between 40 and 80 degrees on the regular.

Isn’t that the most annoying!?


What I’m Wearing:

Military Anorak (Mine is an old WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET style, but THIS is almost identical!)// Striped T-Shirt // Pants (Old; THESE are similar)// Sneakers // Messenger Bag

Just when you think the Spring is here to stay, you get caught jacketless in the unexpected freeze. Once again, one of my favorite Spring basics, the MILITARY ANORAK, comes to the rescue. I shot this look in early April and it’s one that I’ll be wearing through June AND again, come September. There’s just something about a great anorak paired with stripes that’s both seasonless and classic. Most of all, this outfit is a lesson in proportions.

Skinny fitted bottom + oversized top = stylist approved.



Coincidentally, this is also an outfit I would wear (and have worn) while traveling. The black pants are essentially elastic waistband leggings in disguise. Remember the LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS debate!? Well, here’s a good leggings alternative for you. The faux pockets and stretch twill give these super comfy leggings the look and coverage of a proper pant, but with the legging comfort you crave.


Last, but certainly not least, I need to tell you about that small MESSENGER BAG above. It’s by one of my favorite French accessory designers — JEROME DREYFUSS. While the bags are a bit pricey, they’re so well crafted and intelligently designed. You’d be amazed how much this small bag can hold! After almost two years of constant use, the handbag looks practically brand new.

Did I tell you it’s good to be back?!

I can’t recommend a digital detox/blackout enough. Just think of all of the free time you’ll have to sort out your very best style!


(Photography by SHANNON AHLSTRAND)

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