Soccer Mom Chic

soccer mom chic

Spring has many truly lovely and wonderful things to appreciate about it.

One thing that is not quite so wonderful is the return of outdoor spring sports — especially during these last cold, wet, muddy and rainy few weeks.

If you’re a parent, or even a loved one of a child who plays soccer (lacrosse, soccer, baseball, field hockey, etc.), you get it. You get the weekly drudgery of loading the car up with smelly cleats, grass covered balls and the mandatory folding chairs to make your trek down to the inevitably rain soaked fields to watch your little one play their little heart out. You get the immediate full load of laundry that needs to be done after the fact. You get the unfortunate staining of anything nice that gets worn to these games and fields. Most importantly, you get the weekly quandary of what the h*ll you’re going to wear to these games and practices so you don’t look like a homeless person.

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Outfit Details:

HAT – For the days even an extra spritz of dry shampoo won’t save you, a hat is key. Better yet, use the hat during games to keep your tresses out of your face and your eyes on the team.

HOODIE SWEATSHIRT – Who doesn’t love a cozy hooded sweatshirt?! Recently, I’ve turned to the men’s department for my supply of hoodies. The men’s styles can be purchased in a smaller size, but have a few inches of added length that I appreciate.

LEGGINGS – Spring sports spectating is the perfect opportunity to partake in leggings, or “sweatpants for adults,” as I like to refer to them. Just make sure you select a thicker, opaque knit and keep all the goodies are covered with a longer, looser top.

QUILTED VEST – In addition to an extra layer to protect you from the cold and rain, this piece serves double duty on the days you don’t want to carry a bag. Extra large pockets keep all your valuables (phone, wallet, keys, etc.) secure and keep you hands free at game time. This CLASSIC STYLE is currently ON SALE + 25% off in multiple colors!

RAIN BOOTS – I’ve learned the hard way that even though the fields may look dry, mud always lurks below the surface. Rather than ruin yet another pair of sneakers, try these utilitarian rain boots instead. HUNTER WELLIES are a heritage brand classic that will stand the test of time… and can easily be rinsed of mud at the end of the game.

TOTE BAG – Even the largest of totes fills up rather quickly with assorted snacks, books, and other distractions. I love THIS ONE for its neutral versatility and its quick clean exterior — you can easily wipe it down with a baby wipe!

*** By the way, baby wipes are a savior even after you’re long done wiping butts. I always keep a pack stashed away in the center console of my car for easy clean up after practice/games, playground fun, or when I spill an entire cup of coffee down the front of my shirt — because that happens, too.

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soccer mom chic

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