Gotta Wear Shades


Good Thursday morning.

It is Thursday, right?

I’m having one of those weeks where my days blend into each other and I have no clue what day it actually is. I’m deep into spring/summer personal and event styling season and that combined with end of school year activities, rehearsals, recitals, etc. makes for some pretty interesting panicked moments as I prep my daily calendar each evening before bed.

Speaking of bed, the sleep situation has been kind of sh*tty, too. Don’t you hate when you wake up at 2-3 am and start to think about all of the things you have going on the next day?

All I can say is the under eye dark circle/bag situation is REAL. That’s why I gotta wear shades.

It’s only recently that I’ve developed this love for sunglasses. In the past, I’d purchase one nice pair of sunnies and literally wore them to death or until I lost them — whichever came first. These days, my sunglasses have become more of a fun style accessory that just happen to serve a functional purpose, too! Since my personal style tends to skew more minimalist, I try to get playful with the sunglasses I wear and mix up the styles and colors.


Enter Nordstrom’s line of BP. SUNGLASSES.

Have you checked them out yet?

Here’s your incentive: they’re $12-14!! BP. SUNGLASSES also happen to be well made, UV protectant and ridiculously cute.

So go ahead… take a look. You’ve got nothing to lose — except maybe those undereye circles.

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