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When I launched this business, I wanted to create a place where I could go to share all of my favorite things and experiences.

There are some folks out there who find something good and like to keep it to themselves. That’s cool. I get it. However, by nature, I am a sharer. I love finding something special — whether it’s a great sale, a beauty product, a chic hotel, or yes, even a bra — and running out and telling everyone about it!

So here I am and here’s my latest and greatest find that I am literally wearing 24/7 —  with a wash (or two) in between.

Yes, it’s a bra… but not just any bra.

(Click on the image below for product details!)

This bra is a miracle worker. It has managed to cross the fine line between utilitarian/functional and visually attractive. If you know anything about women’s undergarments, you know that’s no easy task! Unless you’re smaller than a B-Cup, finding pretty, lacy bras that actually lift and shape is pretty much impossible. The CHANTELLE PARISIAN DEMI BRA nails it, though. It’s an underwire bra with delicate lace trim and a pretty range of colors. Better yet, it also happens to come in a wide range of sizes from 30E-38F.

Man, those le chíc French women… they just do everything better.

This delicate workhorse of a bra manages to lift and separate the “girls” to create a smooth and shapely silhouette with no straps digging or underwire poking. The lightly molded cups keep everything smooth and G-rated even under the thinnest of white t-shirts. Most amazingly, the CHANTELLE PARISIAN DEMI BRA is actually pretty — with no resemblance to a hospital-issued, ace bandage.

I know… miracle!

So, what do you think? Will you be giving this CHANTELLE PARISIAN DEMI BRA a shot?

More importantly, are you a good find hoarder or sharer? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Chantelle Parisian demi bra


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