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Can you believe that the school year is coming to an end already!?

Thank goodness because with all of the end-of-year activities, it’s been challenging to keep it all straight! I think by the time June rolls around, most parents need that summer break more than their kids. They probably need a shot of vodka, too — at least I do. As for all of you hardworking teachers out there, you might need the full bottle.

Amidst all of this craziness, many of you are probably looking forward to celebrating the graduation of a child — possibly your own. If you’re anything like me, in addition to hoping praying for a gorgeous, spring day, you’re probably thinking about what you’re going to be wearing. To give you a game day advantage, I’ve put together a handy guide to sorting out graduation day style.

Much like a wedding, choosing an outfit for someone else’s graduation requires a bit of decorum and planning. So, let’s begin!

STEAL: Blazer // Dress // Ballet Flats // Bag // Necklace

SPLURGE: Blazer // Dress // Ballet Flats // Bag // Necklace

1. Dress for the location.

The specific location of the event can make a huge difference! If the ceremony is an outdoor one — prepare for any sort of weather scenario with appropriate layers. Also, for an outdoor ceremony ditch the heels in favor of flats or wedges to keep from sinking into soft grass.

STEAL: Tunic // Jeans // Wedges // Bag // Earrings

SPLURGE: Tunic // Jeans // Wedges // Bag // Earrings

2. Stick to a conservative style.

Regardless of whether you pick a skirt, dress or trousers, anything you wear should be relatively conservative. You don’t want to stand out or draw any attention from your graduate. After all, they’re the stars of the show! Ditch the mini skirts and cut outs in favor of longer hemlines, and less revealing silhouettes.

STEAL: Dress // Sandals // Basket Bag // Earrings

SPLURGE: Dress // Sandals // Basket Bag // Earrings

3. Select your best colors.

A graduation photo will be around for a LONG time. Make sure that the colors you select are complimentary to your skin tone to ensure that you look your most photogenic.

Got any more burning graduation style questions?!

Go ahead & send them my way in the comments below. You know I love hearing from you.

graduation day style

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