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silk-robe-dress-street-style-summer-fashion-the-heart's-delight-headerSometimes you see a new style on the fashion scene that hits you hard. Other times, you find a new style slowly creeping into the lineup of seasonal staples without much fanfare or fuss.

This latter scenario just happens to be the case with the robe dress.

Love it or hate it, robe-inspired fashion has been making its way into retailers’ summer stock, as well as the closets of the most fashionable women around!

Now, let’s take a minute to break down this trend and make it just a bit more wearable for those of us who DON’T exactly want “I just woke up like this!” to be taken too literally.


Following in the footsteps of the SILK PAJAMA TOP, boudoir fashion is not exactly new on the scene. The dress takes this idea one step further. Consider it a looser, silkier, more relaxed version of the wrap dress.

Still a bit wary? Just check out former J.Crew Creative Director, Jenna Lyons HERE at this year’s Tony Awards!

Doesn’t she look sophisticated?


Finding a proper topper for a slip dress or formal gown can be quite the fashion conundrum. Use your silk robe dress as a dressed up coat for the most fancy of occasions.


If the dress idea is not quite your cup of tea, use your robe dress as a jacket to be worn over the simplest of jeans and t-shirt combos. As it’s a statement piece, you want it to stand out and be the focus of your outfit, so keep everything else pared down.

The open, flowing silk fabric instantly adds drama to your look — no wind machine required. Select a SOLID or PIPED STYLE if you’re more of a minimalist. If you want to embrace your inner flower child, go bold with a PRETTY FLORAL instead.

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Is this a trend you’re willing to try? If not, what’s holding you back?! You can sound off in the comments below!

silk robe dress

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