How To Wear A Mini Skirt At Any Age!

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I’m a big believer that most fashion rules are outdated, unnecessary and simply should be ignored.

You want to wear white after Labor Day!? DO IT, girl.

Thinking about pairing black with navy? Yaaaaaaaaaaassssss.

Sneakers with a dress?? Get after it.

It seems the older we get, the more of these archaic fashion rules apply. For example, who decided that once we are a certain age, mini skirts are no longer appropriate?! I’d like to meet this individual and have a serious sit down.

Navigating fashion trends and changing styles definitely becomes a bit trickier with age, but with the right know-how you can proudly rock that mini skirt and take back the hemline. #FreeTheLegs — I think I’m onto the next big social media trending movement!

Here are 5 stylist-approved tips to help you wear that favorite mini skirt no matter your age.

Because age is just a silly number, right?

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1. Keep It Balanced

Perhaps my A#1, ultimate style tip for wearing a mini skirt is to keep your look balanced. Since you are exposing more of your legs, aim for a more conservative top. Nothing will scream “inappropriate” more than a short skirt paired with something tight/low-cut/bare. Instead, opt for a more billowy or oversized top that will drape the body and create a flattering silhouette.

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2. Cover Your Assets

Ok, I understand we’re talking about mini skirts here, but nothing will cheapen this look faster than a skirt that is too short. This applies to ALL age groups. Pick a skirt that is larger than a postage stamp and covers all your parts at any given time. You want to feel comfortable and confident in this piece without any unnecessary tugging, pulling or adjustment — which is just drawing attention to your insecurities. If you are wearing a mini skirt you need to OWN IT.

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3. Go Luxe

Rather than more junior-styled distressed denim, why not pick a skirt in a sophisticated luxe material? Try leather, suede, satin or corduroy to add a bit of high-end style to your look.

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4. Give It Some Flare

A straight cut mini skirt is much a more difficult silhouette to style than a short skirt with a little flare. A slight A-Line or full flare skirt is the more flattering choice for any woman looking for a bit more coverage in the hip/derriere area. It will also balance out a broad shoulder or a larger bust AND minimize the waistline, creating the ultimate hour glass silhouette. Pretty sneaky, huh?

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5. Get Low

Lastly, let’s not forget our footwear. Sky high heels with a mini skirt may work when you’re 26 and buying bottles at the hottest club, but let’s be reasonable people here. I recommend a cute heeled sandal with a block heel, or even your most favorite booties, flats and sneakers. Not only is walking way more comfortable, but it makes the whole look much more demure and shall we say, family friendly?!

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