The Most Unexpected Beach Bag

fishnet shopping toteI’m currently wrapping up my time in Newport, RI and as I re-packed my suitcase this morning I did a quick assessment.

Out of my little carry-on, I created enough outfits for 4 days + 3 nights of assorted activities ranging from poolside lounging, to boating, mansion touring and fine dining. Overall, I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

However, I have found one area that could use some improvement: my beach/pool tote.

fishnet shopping tote

Let me explain…

Currently, I’m using an old, oversized, soft, black leather tote. It’s pretty lightweight (it’s unlined) and literally holds EVERYTHING — perfect for travel. Those are the pros. The cons are simple — it’s simply too formal and stiff. Enter today’s post topic and recent object of obsession: the FISHNET SHOPPING TOTE.

I don’t know when this style came on the fashion scene, but I can remember THIS EXACT BAG from when I was a little kid. You might be wondering why it’s been thrust into the spotlight. Don’t worry, I questioned it too — but upon closer examination, it all makes perfect sense.

fishnet shopping tote french street style parisian

The fishnet shopping tote looks chic enough to carry on the daily — and trust me, based on my Instagram feed, many fashionistas do just that! More importantly, it’s lightweight enough to stash away in your suitcase or tote for when you need an extra shopping hand. It’s also a smart beach bag option to keep sand AT the beach and out of your stuff. Basically it’s a do-it-all-wonder that’s beyond affordable. We’re talking like, $7.99 affordable on AMAZON!

Just check out those GLOWING REVIEWS

Also, if it’s not quite “fashionable” enough for you, I found this super easy tutorial to EMBELLISH YOUR BAG a-la the image at the very top of this page!

What do you think? How do YOU feel about this unique fishnet shopping tote/beach bag style?

fishnet shopping bag

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