Satin Ankle Boots

satin ankle boots sock fall trend street style

No matter how classic your style, it’s always fun to add a few trend-driven pieces into the mix.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked a few separate times about trend predictions for the coming season. My short answer to the question: hang onto your STATEMENT TOPS, ditch the bombers for more tailored blazers, stick with your embellished/frayed/split hem denim and definitely add a pair of fitted satin ankle boots!

satin ankle boots street style fall trend 4

If you’ve got a hefty budget and a hankering for all things designer, chances are you’ll be swooning over these BALENCIAGA ANKLE BOOTS. They’ve been consistently selling out and I’ve been watching them creep into social media feeds over the last few weeks. You may have heard them referred to as “sock boots?” That’s because the boot is meant to be extremely fitted to the ankle and hug your foot/leg like a sock.

You know a new trend is going to be a strong when fast fashion already has their take on the designer original in-stock and raring to go — before the season even starts!

satin ankle boots street style fall trend

satin ankle boots street style fall trend

When it comes to shoes, I’m usually in the “spend more, buy less” school of thought. Since we’re dealing with textile (satin, velour, suede) and not necessarily natural leather here, I’m making an exception. The designer version and less-expensive interpretations are virtually indistinguishable. You get the stylist green light to indulge your fashionista urges with the more affordable copies.

satin ankle boots street style fall trend

Here are a few of my favorite satin ankle boot finds!

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satin ankle boots street style fall trend

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