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Last night, I was just explaining to my sister-in-law that I was terribly conflicted about posting anything Fall ’17 related.

While a number of you are in my shoes with kids starting school again in less than 3 weeks, I know many readers who have later school starts, don’t have kids at all, or are soaking up every last bit of summer (a.k.a. turning a blind eye to any sign that summer might be coming to an end). Therefore, in order to appease all parties I’ll go easy on you and try to gradually ease into the Fall 2017 pool.

I promise — no shots of pumpkins, fall leaves and Hunter Boots until we’re well into September!

In the meantime, let’s talk about one of my favorite things: lunch. Specifically, packed lunch.

Lunches have come a long way since my days of warm and squished peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Whether you’re packing lunches for your school age kids, trying to save money, or meal prepping for a healthier lifestyle finding the right gear for your packed lunch needs can make all the difference. Through trial and error, I’ve found the best combination for my own family that ensures healthy and fresh lunches year round.

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  1. Meal Prep Haven 3-Compartment Food Containers
    Now that I work from home most days, I try to meal prep over the weekends to pack my fridge full of prepared and healthy meals. With my schedule, I’m often eating on the run and having all of my food ready to go helps me make better choices especially when I’m most busy. These meal-prep containers are great for portioning out your favorite recipes and keeping a healthy lifestyle on track, while everything else can be going off the rails.

  2. PB Teen Gear-Up Essential Lunch Bag
    Water resistant, soft sided and compartmentalized, these insulated lunch bags are some of the best — and cutest!

  3. Disposable Wooden Cutlery
    I love using disposable bamboo cutlery in packed lunch bags. It’s better for the environment and c’mon, who doesn’t like a cute little wooden fork? While these utensils can surely be tossed, I’ve washed mine on occasion and they hold up well over time.

  4. PB Teen Emily & Merritt Black/White Stripe Sack Lunch Bag
    For a slightly more sophisticated take on the packed lunch, try this bold, striped, insulated bag!

  5. 2-Tier Bento Box
    This bento box is not just for kids! There is no meal that this sophisticated 2-tier bento box cannot handle.

  6. S’well 9oz Bottle
    The perfect sized bottle to slip inside a lunch bag to keep beverages hot or cold for hours! I stopped packing juice boxes in my kids’ lunch bag a few years ago. Not only does it save me money, but it keeps my kids drinking much more water.

  7. Kate Spade “Save Room For Dessert” Tote
    How cute would this tote be as a gift for a friend or recent college grad starting a new job?!

  8. Hydaway Kids Water Bottle
    I actually just discovered these collapsable and easy-to-use water bottles putting this post together! While some portable water bottles can be heavy or bulky to carry around, this bottle can be collapsed and easy stored away when empty. How smart, right?!

  9. Black + Blum Bento Box
    This bento box comes with it’s own utensils and sauce pot AND is microwave and dishwasher safe. WINNER!

  10. PB Teen Bento Box Lunch Container
    My kids currently use containers very similar to this one. Their lunches are always protected and secure to keep foods from getting smashed or mixing together. Most importantly, the multiple compartments ensure that I include the right amount of snacks and healthy treats. No one likes a boring lunch!

  11. Land’s End Insulated Lunch Bag
    Each year, I let my kids pick out a new lunch bag to personalize with their names and favorite activities/designs. This particular lunch bag style comes with a clip handle that attached to their backpack for “no-hands” carrying and insurance that their lunch ends up at school and not forgotten on the bus!

  12. & 13. T-Rex + Novelty Ice Pack Set
    Before I send my kids off to school I always slip in a small ice pack to keep their lunches chilled and as fresh as possible.

  13. Thermos FUNtainer 16oz Food Jar
    In the colder months, I’ve been known to pack macaroni and cheese as well as assorted pasta dishes in family lunches. This Thermos container keeps hot foods hot for hours at a time and keeps tummies happy — my own included.

So, which category are YOU: a seasonal advance planner or are you in Fall denial?

packed lunch

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