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As I go about styling my clients — young, old(er), corporate career, work-from-home, etc., I begin to see patterns in the style issues women have and the items that seem to pose the greatest challenges.

These consistent patterns span generations and budgets and after 4 years of doing this type of work, are practically expected. Out of the countless closets I’ve worked with, you might be wondering what the #1 missing item is… you ARE wondering that, right?

Wonder no more: it’s a basic white collared shirt.

I wish it were more exciting!? Maybe that in itself is part of the problem.

At first glance this white collared shirt is as boring as they come. I get it. You’d rather invest your money into more fun and on-trend pieces that immediately grab your attention. I’m here to tell you to take a break from all of the ruffles, off-the-shoulder and cut-outs. Make sure that before you go in that trend-driven direction you already own a quality white collared shirt that fits impeccably – no gapping or bunching.

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Once you have this piece in your style arsenal… oh, the fashion magic you can create! For a quick refresh on creative styling ideas, THIS POST will get you started.

Unfortunately, the hardest part of this exercise is actually finding the right white shirt for you. While they may all seem boring, bland and identical, they’re actually all quite different. I wanted to share with you my top 3 white collared shirts and help you simplify your epic search.

Most Sophisticated

The 100% silk fabric somehow makes this EQUIPMENT ESSENTIAL BLOUSE seem undeniably elegant and refined. Wear it to work, then undo a few of the buttons for an evening-ready top that pairs as well with jeans, as it does with a ball skirt.

Most Classic

A classic is meant to be timeless and this THEORY, long and lean, cotton version is just that. The small amount of stretch ensures a fitted and feminine fit. The longer length is ideal for both tucking in, or leaving untucked and more casual. It’s white shirt perfection.

Most Budget Friendly

I was torn in this category, because I actually have 2 favorites. Both are from BANANA REPUBLIC, one is the more traditional RILEY: a cotton poplin with a killer fit. The other is the longer, tunic length PARKER that I cannot stop wearing. Both come in both Tall and Petite sizing. Pick your poison, I guess?! In this case, your poison happens to be on sale 35% off.

Do you own a white collared shirt? If so, what’s YOUR favorite?

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