Fall Fashion Finds Under $100

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If there’s any indication that Fall is making an early debut, let me recap the evidence:

  1. NYFW kicks off in a few days. I CANNOT wait!
  2. Cleveland has been averaging a steady high of 68 degrees.
  3. Leaves have started to drop.
  4. I’m literally sitting on my hands to keep from spending all of my money on fall clothes — in my humble opinion, the BEST clothes of all.

In order to keep some of your hard earned cash in your wallets, I’ve compiled a great collection of Fall Fashion Finds UNDER $100! Here’s your chance to get your shopping fix without the inevitable guilt, as the UPS delivery guy keeps dropping boxes at your front door… not that I know anything about that.

Well, maybe a little…

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Notice any trends going on in there?

It’s hard to miss all those camels! There’s something about camel, caramel and tan that is hard to resist this time of year. Now, that CAMEL COAT — at under $60, that’s nearly impossible to resist. Given the price point, it’s probably not a heavy enough coat for the dead of winter, but it’s the perfect layer for those chillier autumn days.

Slip it over those GREY WASH SKINNY JEANS and CHUNKY KNIT SWEATER, and top with the WOOL FELT FEDORA for an instant street-style worthy look!

If you’re in the mood with something a little more flirty and fun, how about that FALL FLORAL DRESS? I love pairing feminine florals with a more masculine counterpart like those STUDDED ANKLE BOOTS! They’re a GIVENCHY designer dead ringer for a fraction of the price!

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Have you made any fall fashion purchases yet?! If so, tell me all about what’cha got in the comments below!

fall fashion finds under $100


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