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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.02

Friday Link LoveWe interrupt this edition of Friday Link Love for an important announcement:

We bought a house.

Yeah, you know… all casual, like that.

(Not really.)

Friday Link Love home renovation logan-nolin-347104

Truth be told, we’ve been looking to move (not far, just a few miles from our current home) for quite some time. When we purchased our current house, we had no idea how long we’d be living in Cleveland, what communities/neighborhoods were right for us and exactly what our young family needed. We had a total of 48 hours to swoop in from NYC, find a property to call home and seal the deal.

All things considered, we did a pretty good job and lucked out big time.

Friday Link Love Home Renovation brandi-redd-287715

Six years later, here we are: older, wiser, with a more targeted wish list and two much larger (and opinionated) children to contend with. While we adore our current house, there are things about it that are not ideal — specifically, the distance from our kids’ school and all of their friends/activities. We knew it was time to consider a move.

We evaluated all sorts of options from a new build, to a mid-century fixer upper. We’ve even had our real estate hearts broken — I’m looking at you, cute cape cod with the great in-ground pool! After 5 months of frustration and non-stop searching stalking, we essentially gave up and resolved to pick up the hunt again next spring.

Friday Link Love home renovation liana-mikah-343245

That is, until we unexpectedly found it.

The one.

As soon as we stepped foot inside the door, we could look past the cramped hallways, outdated finishes and closed off spaces. We could envision all of the hidden potential and opportunity. More importantly, we could see our children growing up there… here.

We are home.

Friday Link Love home renovation lauren-mancke-60547

Now, a new adventure begins and I can’t wait to share it with you! In a few weeks, walls will be coming down and a whole house renovation will begin. I’m both excited and anxious about the process — it’s my biggest THD design project, yet! I’ll be documenting the renovation progress on the blog and social media, and will be dipping my toes into a new video series chronicling our journey. So bear with me, as we establish a new “normal“… whatever that may be.

In the meantime, I promise not to hijack any more Friday Link Love posts.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend ahead.

Until Monday.

friday link love home renovation

(P.S. Since we’re talking about the significance and importance of “homes,” it’s only fitting to send love and prayers to our friends, family + ALL residents of the state of Florida as Hurricane Irma approaches. We’re thinking of you — STAY SAFE!!!)



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