Fall’s Best Cardigans

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Fall’s transitional weather often calls for a little creativity in the wardrobe department.

The morning chill requires an extra layer — I like to call it THE THIRD PIECE — that not only keeps you warm but gives your outfit a little something extra. While you’re first inclination might be to grab that DENIM JACKET or BLACK BLAZER, why not try something a little different!? With this season’s collection of fall’s best cardigans you’ll never overlook the classic knitwear piece again!

Some Style Notes:

The key to wearing cardigans is finding the right length. For the most flattering fit, there are 2 options: a longer hip-length OR a shorter, oversized cut.

• A longer length cardigan will keep your silhouette streamlined, covering most women’s areas of concern: the hips and butt. It’s a versatile piece that can be worn open, or even belted to further accentuate the hourglass shape. For the office, this belted style is a great substitute for the more traditional blazer and a nice way to extend your weekend wear to the work week.

A shorter, boxy cut looks great worn oversized on top of more body conscious pieces. Try it out with a longer fitted t-shirt and skinny jeans. The key is balancing the proportions. Since the sweater is bulky and big, keep everything else slim-fitting and body conscious to keep from getting swallowed in your clothes.

fall's best cardigans

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