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How’s it going folks?

Did anyone stay up to watch the Emmy’s? I remember being obsessed with award shows and red carpet fashion 10-15 years ago. Not so much anymore. All of the fashion is on loan from top tier designers and styled professionally, so there’s really not much to snark on. Everyone looks put together and fabulous… and isn’t that kind of boring?!

More tragically, I don’t even recognize half the actors/actresses or nominated shows anymore! There is so much new streaming content, I just can’t keep up with it all. I can barely keep up with my reality TV schedule, let alone internet-only, scripted shows!

Clearly, I just aged myself at least a decade with my little diatribe.

Before I dive too deep into my “back in the day” anecdotes, Let’s refocus on the topic du jour: grey + gold — which personally, I think is way more exciting than WHAT CARRIE COON WAS WEARING.

(Full disclosure: I have ZERO idea who Carrie Coon is!)

I’ve spent the past few weeks PINTEREST pinning up a storm trying to lock down all of the details and finishes for the Casa de Heart’s Delight renovation. As much as it’s a dream to be able to start from scratch and design a home from top to bottom, it can also become a bit overwhelming with all of the choices to be made.

Many of the most important design decisions involve the kitchen and I definitely didn’t/don’t want to screw that up. My first major decision for the house involved the kitchen color scheme. Now, I’m going to share something that may shock you all, so prepare yourselves: I’m over white kitchens.

Yes, it’s true. I can hardly believe it myself.

I don’t dislike them (they’re still total beauty queens!), I’m just not as wooed by an all white kitchen as I’ve been in the past. At this point, they all look the same to me. Yes, I know they’re “classic” and easy on the eyes. But just like the Emmy’s fashion, too many all-white kitchens can turn into a snooze fest.

grey gold kitchen 2

I was so excited when I came across a gorgeous kitchen design a few months back and wait for it… wait for it: IT WASN’T WHITE! Actually, it was grey. What really sealed the aesthetic deal was the contrast of the warm gold tones with the cool grey. As much as I used to despise that gaudy 90’s shiny brass, I immediately fell in love with this updated, matte metallic tone.

grey gold kitchen home decor interior design

The grey + gold, paired with light accents keep the space bright and contemporary, while the shaker cabinets, hardwoods, subway tile and marble countertops give the room a classic and timeless feel. Even if gold hardware is a little out of your comfort zone, consider this: if down the line you decide you hate it, swapping out hardware is a relatively easy and inexpensive DIY task.

I’m taking the plunge.

Last week, I committed to the gold + grey combination and I’m so excited to see the kitchen come together. This week’s agenda involves finalizing the hardwood flooring, tile backsplash and fixtures. Appliances will come next. I am still a little concerned about the mixed metals (i.e. stainless appliances + gold hardware), but I have a feeling it will all look balanced once it’s installed in the same room.

grey gold kitchen 4

Hey, I love mixed metals in my jewelry and accessories, so why wouldn’t it work in a kitchen, too?

How do you guys feel about this shift towards some color in kitchens? Do you think this is a fleeting trend or something that’s going to stick around for a while like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops?

grey gold kitchen

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