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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.04

Friday Link LoveSeptember is cruising right along, isn’t it?

This week, Cleveland went all blazing hot summer on us, after 3 weeks barely hovering in the 60’s-70’s. Just in time for the official start to fall! Getting dressed becomes much more complex when you’ve already packed the majority of your summer clothes away. D’oh!!

Speaking of packing, I still have a ton of house packing to do. Sometimes, I look around and think, “It won’t be so bad — I don’t have THAT much stuff?!” Other times, I’m completely paralyzed with anxiety about getting it all done.

Clearly, my brain/nervous system likes to keep me on my toes.

On today’s agenda (besides getting some major packing accomplished), is squeezing in some guilty pleasure reading, eating + shopping — starting with these Friday Link Love finds!


What I’m Reading:

•  Wait, just drinking THIS WATER will give me a flatter stomach!? Sign me up.

•  There’s just something fabulous about a PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE WORK RELATED E-MAIL that entertains me to no end! (Totally guilty, by the way!)

• Here are 12 FREE AT HOME WORKOUTS for busy moms to do, even if your kids are in the room!

•  Have you downloaded the new iOS yet? Take a look at the BEST NEW IOS FEATURES THAT AWAIT!

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What I’m Making:

•  How delicious (and EASY!) does this FIVE INGREDIENT LEMON CHICKEN look?

•  THIS IS THE SALAD I want to be eating all fall. (P.S. Save yourself some time and buy prepped/seasoned nuts from Trader Joe’s — the best!)


What I’m Buying:

•  I’ve been looking to add another plaid shirt to my collection and this PLAID BOYFRIEND SHIRT is perfection! I love the “check tart plaid” color!

•  I adore this little structured TORY BURCH SATCHEL (currently 25% OFF!). It’s the ideal complement to all your menswear-inspired fall styles!

•  How ridiculously cozy does THIS SWEATER look?

•  A new season calls for new shades. These CLASSIC RAY-BANS get a new spin in all black!

•  Wrap cardigans are some of my favorite layering styles. I just discovered this LONG WRAP CARDIGAN hidden away in NORDSTROM’S LINGERIE DEPARTMENT?! Weird… but apparently, it’s worth the hunt — the reviews are top notch!

Have a fabulous weekend! 

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