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I should probably go ahead and title this post: How To Completely Redesign Your Master Suite So That You Can Party (a.k.a. Watch Netflix & Sleep) Like It’s 2017.

One major thing about homes that I’ve learned over the past 2 months — we definitely don’t live like we used to! Back in the 1960’s bathrooms were tiny, bedrooms were dark and closets were nonexistent. One thing the 1960’s did offer: milk delivery — as evidenced by the milk delivery chute relic located on the side of my home. Oh, and vinyl flooring. Those groovy 60’s ladies and gents sure did love them some vinyl floors!

When we purchased our 1960’s fixer upper, we knew we would need to take some drastic measures to get the master suite in working order. In our case, that means eliminating a 5th bedroom/office to make room for a good sized master bedroom, a luxurious master bath and the piece de resistance, my walk in closet.

It’s really “ours,” but I say “my” because we all know who will dominate in that space.

No question there.

Oh, and lest I forget — we will also be creating a 2nd floor laundry room. Hooray, for not having to go down to the currently scary basement to do the laundry! It’s at this point I actually need to go ahead and give Mr. Heart’s Delight a big-time shout out. Over the past 11+ years of marriage, Mr. Heart’s Delight has probably done 80% of our household laundry. Successfully, might I add. Clearly, he is a big proponent of this laundry relocation design decision.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. The stuff that master suite dreams are made of: the master bathroom. The very best things tend to come from humble beginnings, so here are ours:


20228 Westhaven Master Bathroom

Currently, a door off the master bedroom opens up to reveal a small single sink, a tiny stand up shower and an old toilet hidden directly behind the entry door (a failed attempt at privacy?!). Through the bathroom, you enter directly into the tiny closet. We’ll be expanding the bathroom to create a full 5′ walk-in shower with seating bench, extended cabinetry with a double sink situation, a makeup vanity and a pocket door with access to our new fabulous closet (the 5th bedroom).


SKC Master Bath

Sherwin Williams Paint (SW 7014) // Vanity Mirror // Faucets // Shower System // Hardware // Tile Floor // Carrara Marble // Mosaic Tile // Subway Tile // Sconces

While this design plan only reflects the bathroom and not the full master suite set up/flow, this will give you a good sense of our design direction.

Some Design Notes:

•  For this bathroom, I wanted to stay relatively contemporary but use timeless and classic finishes. Marble (Carrara), slate, chrome and subway tiles combine in the best possible way for a design that’s a bit less playful and much more glamorous than our KIDS’ BATH. While I’ve been incorporating lots of brass (have you seen the KITCHEN DESIGN?) and matte black hardware in other spaces throughout the house, I really loved the “bling” the chrome brought to the design. With such a dark charcoal floor, the chrome really shines.

•  One of the most significant design choices you might have noted is that we’re not putting in a bathtub. Our previous home had an extra large jetted tub that sat unused for close to 6 years. I can count the number of times I actually bathed in it on one hand. It was not a hard choice to let the bathtub go. The kids’/guest bath will have a bathtub and for our family, that’s all we really need.

•  Clearly, we’re more of a shower kind of people. So, in that vain we determined that it would make more financial sense to invest more into a fabulous shower, than on a tub that would never be used and eat up precious space. I selected the largest possible adjustable shower head. Bring on the rain storm!!! The shower will be finished with white subway tiles on the walls, charcoal mosaic tiles on the floor, and a shower shelf and bench fabricated using the same Carrara marble as that found on our vanity.

•  Last but not least, that herringbone… oh, how I love that herringbone. (Insert all of the emoji heart eyes here!!) Bathrooms are not typically huge spaces, so the good news is that splurging a little on the materials will not bust your budget. I knew I wanted a large scale slate tile floor in a really earthy, deep charcoal color. The herringbone pattern was a design feature that made it look all the more special. I’ll be grouting in a contrasting lighter grey. Here’s a design pro tip: NEVER grout in white/light shades, especially on the floor. No matter how often you clean your floors that grout will inevitably turn a dingy shade of yuck over time.

Take a look at a few of my inspiration images to give you a better sense of where some of my ideas are coming from:

master bathroom design 1



Now, here is my question for you — what color paint would you use? I’ll be using SHERWIN WILLIAM’S EIDER WHITE (SW 7014) throughout most of the 1st floor, but couldn’t seem to come up with a better master bathroom color option. Our master bedroom will continue the gray/white/black/neutral theme, in case you were curious. I’ll be sharing that design later this week!

master bathroom design

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