An Unexpected Fall Shopping Destination: Urban Outfitters

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There are stores in my general shopping wheelhouse and then there are those occasional outliers. You know, the ones that you come across and wonder to yourself, “Why don’t I shop here more often!?”

URBAN OUTFITTERS happens to be one of those overlooked retail surprises.

Now, two points I need to mention:

One:  URBAN OUTFITTERS carries A LOT of stuff. Some of it is great, some of it is not. Us, more “mature” women need to be extra selective about the styles we pick. Much of the store’s inventory is very Millenial-centric and can easily skew too young for anyone over 25.

Two: The store is usually an overwhelming experience. Don’t get discouraged! The website is SO much more pleasant to navigate and full of exclusive-to-website items. Save a trip to the store for easy returns of your online orders.

I’ve assembled a capsule of some of my absolute favorite fall finds from URBAN OUTFITTERS. From occasion dresses, to warm knits — I’ve got you covered!

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Some Style Notes:

•  I adore that STRIPED MIDI DRESS (#1)! I think it’s just one of those pieces that has a flattering fit on most body types. God bless, the wrap dress. If you look closely, you’ll see the LUCKY STARS CHARM NECKLACE (#10) peeking out from the neckline. Pendant necklaces are the hit of the season, and are this year’s accessory must-have.

•  As I was putting this collection together, I was mixing and matching pieces together to maximize each piece’s potential. There were SO many good choices! Try pairing the CROP FLARE CORDUROYS (#5) with the OFF-THE-SHOULDER SWEATER (#7), the CIRCLE BAG (#6) — it’s suede paneled! — and my favorite WHITE ANKLE BOOTS (#12). The WHITE ANKLE BOOTS would also be a fantastic match for the RUFFLE WRAP MAXI DRESS (#9)!

(I bought a pair of white booties on a whim last Spring, and I can’t tell you how many ways I’ve worn them since! Each time I put them on, I get complimented. They’re definitely show-stoppers.)

•  Last week, I recommended the BLACK LEATHER MOTO JACKET (#8) to a THD reader who was looking for a leather jacket to fit her longer/taller torso. If you’re tall, have longer arms, or a longer torso and are struggling to find a cute leather jacket that fits well — this MOTO JACKET is for YOU! Wear it with the NEWSBOY CAP (#14) — did you read YESTERDAY’S POST?! — for the ultimate tomboy chic style!

•  Another THD reader recently inquired about stud/pearl embellished denim and if it was worth the investment. I advised her to pass on overly embellished jeans because sitting on little pearls stuck to your a** doesn’t quite sound comfortable to me, no matter how cute they look! I would also think those little suckers would simply pop off after only a few wears. That being said, when I came across these MID-RISE SPLIT ANKLE STUDDED JEANS (#13) I knew this was the right way to do embellished! The studs at the bottom hem are just enough special detail to make the style splurge-worthy. The location of the embellishment is also more practical in terms of comfort.

Do YOU have any style quandaries? Anything special you’re looking for that you just can’t track down? Drop me a message and you’ll have a professional on the case!

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