The BIGGEST Mistake Women Make When Wearing Ankle Boots

Skinny jeans ankle boots street style black sweater taupe suede

I hate to break it to you, but you’re committing a crime against fashion… and your ankles.

Everyone’s favorite, most versatile bootie is perhaps at the root of this issue: self-inflicted “cankles.”

Now, yes, I understand that we cannot control genetics or biology. Some people are just born that way, right? BUT, what I’m going to tell you now is going to help visually correct the genetic hand you’ve been dealt AND prevent average-sized ankle/calves folks from giving ourselves our own version of this minor malady.

Ready for it!?


skinny jeans ankle boots street style 1 skinny jeans ankle boots street style_1

That’s it. How’s that for a simple style solution?

In more detailed terms, I am advising women — yes, all of you — to stop wearing your skinny jeans too long and bunched at the ankle when wearing short boots. The extra fabric creates a widened area of fabric around your ankle and essentially gives you your own DIY-cankle.

Your solution(s):

1. Buy ankle skimming, or slightly cropped jeans to wear with all of your favorite booties. If the retailer offers their denim with length options, opt for a shorter length! 

2. Even better, save some bucks — simply give your existing denim a quick turn-up cuff to raise it above the top of the boot and expose a small sliver of skin.

3. Feeling bold? Take a sharp set of shears to your favorite longer length skinny jeans and give them the raw hem finish currently flying off the shelves.

Capisce!?! (a.k.a. CA-PEESH!?)

skinny jeans ankle boots street style 3

Just take a gander at some of my favorite jeans of the moment to get inspired and stop this widespread cankle epidemic!

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Cankles, be gone!

Got any other major style/fashion quandaries of your own?! I’m all ears.


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