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teddy bear coat winter street style

First, an apology…

Sorry for the radio silence last Thursday/Friday. It was finally the day(s) the moving trucks arrived. I thought I would be more emotional, but between the manual labor and the psychological relief of having the most difficult portion of this move/transition complete, I think I was simply too tired to be sad. Now that we’ve settled into our temporary housing scenario (thank goodness for extremely kind + generous in-laws!), I’m more exited than ever to move onto and INTO the next chapter.

So where were we?! Ahhhh, fashion + lifestyle. It feels good to be back.

I want to give you a heads up on a cold weather fashion trend that I’m starting to see gain some major traction: the teddy bear coat!

teddy bear coat outerwear winter street style teddy bear coat outerwear winter street style

You know my feeling on coats — if you don’t snag the good ones early on in the season, they tend to disappear. By the time the weather is finally cold enough to wear a coat daily, you’ll find a barren outerwear department and tumbleweeds where coats used to be.

Warm, cuddly and definitely a statement piece, the teddy bear coat is way more versatile than you’d ever think. The teddy bear coat made its initial debut last winter to some mixed reviews. While some people immediately loved the unique texture the coat offered (basically, fashion’s version of a squishy hug!), many were left wondering if this would be a trend that quickly flamed out. Not only is the outerwear trend still going strong, this year, there are so many different styles and silhouettes that simply make this coat irresistible!

Perhaps the best way to style this cozy topper is with streamlined basics in neutrals — think skinny jeans, simple fine knit sweaters and boots. Keep the rest of your outfit classic so that it doesn’t compete with the statement coat. When it comes to personal style, there is nothing worse than “too much.”

teddy bear coat outerwear winter street style

Still questioning if this is a style that would suit your wardrobe?

Check out these stylist-approved teddy bear coats and get inspired!

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How do YOU feel about the teddy bear coat? Is it a little too out there for you, or something you feel comfortable incorporating into your cold weather rotation?

teddy bear coat

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