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Feeling a bit daring this Tuesday!?

Well, have I got a post for you…

Apparently, this Fall 2017 is all about texture. First, we headed in the direction of soft and cuddly — remember yesterday’s TEDDY BEAR COAT. Now, we make a full 180 and go sleek and shiny. Folks, prepare yourself for the return of patent leather.

Despite its initial visual shock value, patent leather is actually a much more reasonable addition to your wardrobe than you may think. No, really!

In case you still need some convincing, here are my top 3 style tips to rocking this cold weather trend:


1.  Ladylike For The Win

As with any statement piece, keep the rest of your look low key. Stick to neutral shades and simple silhouettes to make the patent leather piece the shining focus of your outfit. While patent leather may toe the line of risqué, it’s good to compliment it with more ladylike styles. Skip the metallics, studs or anything else severe that will skew you more in the direction of Hell’s Angels or “working girl.”


2.  Textural Contrast

Contrast the dressier patent with more casual fabrics and textures — OVERSIZED KNITWEAR, SOFT SILKS and yes, even your FAVORITE SNEAKERS (currently ON SALE!) work well with the more dressed up vibe of patent leather.


3.  Started From The Bottom

If you’re not quite up to the challenge of styling a piece of patent clothing, start with your shoes! Patent leather is surprisingly practical when it comes to cold weather. The slick material repels water and is easy to clean even on the messiest of winter days.

Now that I’ve got those style wheels turning in your head, take a look at some of my favorite patent leather pieces of the season!

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