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How To Design A Kid’s Bedroom (That Even YOU Will Love!)

Perhaps, I should rename this post, “How To Design Kid’s Bedroom WITHOUT Any Terrible Movie/Cartoon/Video Game Characters + Colors That You Despise!

What do you think?

When creating a personal space for both kids and adults alike, it’s important to consider the individual’s personality, tastes and preferences. You want the room to feel like an extension of that person, rather than a hodge-podge of things that are thrown together because they look nice. While children may not always have a say in the way things are done (at least that’s the case in my house!), when it comes to their bedrooms you want them to be a part of the design process.

They’ll be spending A LOT of time in there, after all…


Given that many of our children have strong opinions about their likes and dislikes, at times it’s difficult to find a design happy place where the kids feel like their personality is expressed AND the adults in the situation feel like Nickelodeon didn’t just puke in their kid’s bedroom. So here’s my solution… oh, and trust me — IT WORKS!

This is what you do: you ask your child an important question.

“What do you want your room to feel like?”

Rather than rattle off the characters of Teen Titans Go or My Little Pony, you’re more likely to get an answer like — a princess fairy forest, or a Sports Center studio. Those are the actual answers I got when I asked my own kids a few weeks back. Then, you take this information and run!

Use your children’s creativity and imagination to inspire a “feeling” rather than a character or color theme. This strategy will give you the guidance and flexibility to give your child exactly what he/she wants without actually breaking down and buying that Sponge Bob comforter.

By the way, this works for adults too. Just sayin’…

Nothing speaks better than images, so here is my design plan for my daughter’s princess fairy forest bedroom in our new home:

kids bedroom design

I tried to evoke a “feeling” based on her original request rather than take it literally with fairies and assorted princess characters. I gave her the tools to reimagine her room to be that fairy princess forest using color, pattern and accessories. This method of design will not only make you happy, but it will most definitely make your “client” very happy for a long time to come.

Shop The Design:

Lamps // Wallpaper // Nightstand // Fuchsia Art // Multicolor Art // Sleigh Bed // Pink Bench // Rug // Mirror // Chair // Desk // Stripe Throw Blanket // Floral Linens // Pink Ombre Pillow // Fuchsia Bedskirt // Pink Quilt // Dresser // Dollhouse // Curtains

This is the type of room a child can grow in, rather than outgrow. It’s not too babyish, or themed to coincide with whatever latest craze our kids get into. With a few small tweaks, this space can easily please a toddler or teen. Most of the items selected for the room are actually not “child” specific. Any of the components of the space can be repurposed in multiple ways and across multiple rooms. Let’s just say, I wouldn’t be upset to call this MY room…

How about YOU?

kids bedroom design

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