Creative Halloween Costumes (That Aren’t Slutty)

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What is it with Halloween and women’s costumes?!

It’s the one day of the year where all common fashion sense gets tossed out the window and the style rules of the brothel prevail. I know I’m probably exaggerating (just a little bit), but I just get so frustrated shopping for cute Halloween costumes for women and girls. Everything is so sexualized!

Like, no… I don’t want to be a sexy car wash attendant.

That sexy pizza delivery girl with a skirt smaller than an actual slice of pizza!?

Yeah, I’ll take a pass.

Now, that I got my ranting out of the way, I’ve managed to assemble 3 cute, comfortable and creative Halloween costumes that will make you feel great about your body and comfortable indulging in a few of those candies swiped from the bowl — or your kids’ baskets.

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Grey Goose

Headpiece // Beak // Feather Boa // Grey Bodysuit // Feather Skirt 

Literally bring the party wherever you go with this DIY ensemble hacked together with a few inexpensive internet finds. If you have a friend/significant other to coordinate with, they can go as “Olive” — wear all olive green tones with a RED BERET on top — a.k.a. the pimiento stuffed inside! Together, you can be a “dirty martini.” I’ll leave the level of “dirtiness” to your own discretion.


Doe Zip-Up Dress // Knee Socks // Boots

I think this fawn costume is simply ADORABLE! Layer it over a LONG SLEEVE TURTLENECK and LEGGINGS for additional coziness and style it with your favorite TALL or OVER-THE-KNEE BROWN BOOTS to complete the look. If you’re going as a couple, have your partner-in-Halloween-crime dress up as a HUNTER. (Thanks H.O. for the inspiration!)

Lady Liberty

Statue of Liberty Costume 

Lately, no matter where you go you can’t avoid politics. So why not embrace it!? Make America Great Again with your own ode to the U-S-of-A! Try this Statue Of Liberty ensemble. Lady Liberty knows what’s up — she keeps her goodies covered. Your date can go as UNCLE SAM, or one of the many equally notable contemporary “characters” in politics!

Do YOU have your creative Halloween costume yet?

This year, we’re dressing up as a family… embarrassing costumes to be revealed next week!

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