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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.08

Friday Link LoveGood morning, on this grey and chilly last Friday of October!

It finally feels like Fall in Cleveland which left me scrambling to find all of our cold weather accessories (hat, scarves, gloves, etc.) that were packed away in the moving frenzy. I had brief flashbacks of temporarily losing my FAVORITE HAT last year and the sadness involved. Good news: the gear has been located! Apparently, I’m a little more organized than I thought.

Clearly, I am suffering from a a major case of First World problems and have much to be grateful for — starting with the fact that the weekend is here! On that note, sit back, relax, and have yourself a little dose of Friday Link Love.

Fall Season New York Flatiron Building Friday Link Love

What I’m Reading:

•  I’m not generally a big fan of Frappucinos, but I can’t help but smile when I see STARBUCK’S NEW ZOMBIE FRAPPUCINO. It’s worth paying the $4+ simply for the photo op!

•  If you’re looking for some unique manicure ideas for the season, I highly recommend checking out this MINIMALIST NAIL ART for inspiration. It’s just enough, without being “extra.”

•  First came almond milk, then came coconut milk… now BANANA MILK?!

•  Are any of these UNIQUE (+ CHEAP!!!) VACATION DESTINATIONS on your travel bucket list? They should be.

pie tea lunch on my table Friday Link Love The Heart's Delight

What I’m Making:

•  I can’t get enough slow cooker meals this season! I simply love the convenience, not to mention the flavors of all of the hearty dishes. I’ll definitely be making this PORK CHILI VERDE recipe in the near future.

•  When I’m finally done eating the chili verde leftovers, this BUTTERNUT SQUASH, SPINACH + GOAT CHEESE PASTA is a must!



What I’m Buying:

•  I’ll be honest, I’m actually not buying much since we started this renovation project. It’s a THD financial lock-down! Buuuuuuut, that doesn’t mean I’m not looking! Here are some of the great buys I found this week:

·  If you’re looking for an easy-throw-over-everything type of OVERSIZED CARDIGAN SWEATER, I’ve found the jackpot. It’s the perfect neutral and currently eligible for a BOGO 50% OFF deal!

·  Wear that sweater with THESE JEANS… they’re only $39.95 and the perfect mid-blue wash. Oh, and don’t forget THESE ANKLE BOOTS! They’re waterproof, über comfortable and ON SALE.

·  I think I might have found the HOLIDAY DRESS for all of your upcoming parties.

·  You can never go wrong with a BASIC BLACK RUNNING SHOE for your weekend to-dos + errands. These just happen to be on sale! (f.y.i., basic black shoes RARELY go on sale!!)

·  A TRADITIONAL TARTAN PLAID SCARF in the softest knit… with a blush pink twist! I’m in love.

Have a great weekend y’all! 

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