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Guest Bedroom Design Plan

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Still on your post-Halloween sugar high!?

I’m coming down slowly… 2 days later.

My kids made sure to give their mom all of their candy rejects — specifically, their Almond Joys which also happen to be my favorite. I know coconut can be polarizing, but I’m a sucker for those little coconut-almond bites of deliciousness. Don’t yuck the yum until you give it a fair chance — or just give all your coconut candy to me!

Now, onto less-caloric business — a renovation house design update!

Things at the house are moving along quickly and (relatively) smoothly. The entire interior is full gutted down to the studs and sub-flooring with only a few unexpected hiccups along the way.

Damn you, hidden header support beam!!

It’s kind of crazy to see the spaces opening up and reshaping into what we always knew they could be. Next up, is the mechanical stage — electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Basically, the not so fun and VERY expensive part of any major home renovation. As we move through this slow and tedious process, I’m re-focusing (a.k.a. distracting myself) on what I love best: the design element! Which brings me to our guest room.

No home is without comprises and our big compromise in this house was the size of our guest room. We are going from a rather large guest room (11 x 12) with full walk-in-closet and en-suite bathroom, to a much smaller space.

I like to call it cozy.

We decided that although a large guest suite is a “nice to have,” given that we only host overnight guests 4-6 times a year we’d be willing to sacrifice some size. The guest room itself is not totally tiny — it can easily fit a queen bed and 2 small nightstands. However, that’s pretty much the extent of it. On the positive side, it’s quiet (back corner of the house), bright (north + west exposure) and has a large closet. It’s also adjacent to our 2nd floor bathroom, so while it’s not an en-suite situation, the bathroom is literally 2 steps away (technically behind the closet wall).


guest bedroom design plan

guest bedroom design plan

guest bedroom design plan

My goal for this room is to give our guests a hotel-like experience with soothing neutrals and luxurious amenities. Did I mention I want to do this on a budget? Clearly, this room is not the highest on the priority list, so it gets the smallest share of the decor budget. That’s the way the renovation budget crumbles!

The upside of this non-existent budget is that I can get creative and search the internet for great pieces at surprisingly low prices. See for yourself…


Guest Bedroom Design Plan The Heart's Delight

Some Design Notes:

•  Luckily, aside from a few cosmetic tweaks — removing a large corner built-in and mirror, refinishing the hardwoods, replacing doors/hardware and a fresh coat of paint — this room does not need much.

•  Budget aside, the biggest design challenge was actually the furniture configuration. The smaller offset window on the west end of the room really threw me for a loop. After playing around with the design, the best solution seemed to be to embrace it. I treated it as I would a “piece of art” and designed an entire gallery around the proportions of that window. Sure enough, the awkwardness faded into the background and the window simply became a part of the larger scene. For an easy to assemble gallery, I can’t recommend MINTED enough. It’s my go to for affordable art and custom framing.

•  Next, let’s talk beds. This PLATFORM BED FRAME was the ideal solution for a small room dilemma. The headboard has a straight profile lifting your eye up, while there is no footboard at the bottom of the bed to take up additional space. The tufting, adds that bit of “luxury” that leads you to believe that the bed is way more expensive than it truly is.

•  I adore those TASK LIGHTS on the NIGHTSTANDS! High fives to TARGET for their awesome decor. Each season it just gets better and better. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out their PROJECT 62 collection — so much goodness in there.

•  Lastly, a quick note on rugs. When laying rugs in a bedroom you have 2 options: 1) find a rug large enough to sit under the entire bed frame with a few feet exposed along all sides OR 2) save some $$$ and select a smaller rug to sit horizontally under the bottom 1/2-1/3 of the bed frame. Either option is a good one — but you’ll end up spending less on that option #2 smaller rug! This IKEA FLAT WEAVE RUG has been all over design magazines. It’s a good one and under $200 for the 5’7″ x 7’10” size! You really can’t beat that.

Get The Look:

(Click on the images to see product detail!)

Curtains // Abstract Art 1 // Cityscape Art // Bed Frame // Linens // Dresser // Rug // Pom Pom Throw Blanket // Black + White Art // Abstract Art 2 // Flush Mount Lighting // Nightstand // Task Lamp // Paint Color // Bamboo Roman Shade

What do YOU like to see in a guest room when you visit friends/family?

Any amenities you simply can’t live without?

guest bedroom design plan

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