Olive Green Pants

Olive Green Pants Chic Fall Sweater Street Style 2017

Throw this post up into the “Who Knew?!” category.

As in, “Who knew that olive green pants could ever look so good?!

Olive (a.k.a. army green) pants can be best described as the neglected third-cousin-once-removed of your day to day wardrobe. We can all agree that this deep, muted green is, in fact, a neutral, correct!? So why do we end up pushing it to the back or bottoms of our closet each season?

Clearly, we’ve been doing it all wrong, when olive green pants can look so right! Just take a peek at the street style inspiration image below!

Olive Green Pants Chic Fall Sweater Street Style 2017

Girlfriend is totally killing that look!

From her twist on the traditional cable knit sweater, to her bold white boots — she took every opportunity to create a cohesive, functional and stand out outfit. It all works together without being too match-matchy, or appearing too try hard. Essentially, she hit the style nail on the head… and now, so can you!

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Sweater // Pants // Boots // Handbag // Lip Color

In case you’re feeling inspired and ready to step out of your fall style box, here are a few more olive green pant options for you. It’s nice to give those blue jean standbys a well deserved break.

Oh, and by the way — I’m wearing my olive green pants (these AG SKINNIES are just so comfy!) today, too!

olive green pants

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