Get Wrapped Up: Winter Scarf Style

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If you’re anything like me, scarves fall into the category of, “I love them, I want them, but I’d rather buy about 100 other things first!”

Am I right, or am I right?!

Scarves are easily one of the most practical and transformative accessories in our closets, yet why are we always so hesitant to pull the trigger when it comes to scoring that scarf of our dreams? From wool plaid to plush cashmere, winter scarves are going to be the centerpiece of your winter outerwear, so do me a favor, ok!?

Let’s ditch those thin, dinky, polyester poor excuses for a scarf and let’s get down to real scarf business!

Your scarf collection should be a great representation of your current wardrobe and tastes. For example, if you’re one of those women that tends to dress up — whether for social or work affairs, it’s important to have an elegant scarf to match that occasion. A PRINTED SILK is always a gorgeous option, but for more warmth, nothing beats a beautifully woven CASHMERE PASHMINA. You can wear it as a shawl or you can loop it for a more casual and youthful spin. The oversized pashmina also makes a great travel companion and serves double duty as a makeshift blanket when on planes!

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Now, if you’re someone with a much more casual personality and lifestyle, you can get a little more daring and have fun with chunky OVERSIZED KNITS, POMS and SNOODS (a.k.a. infiniti scarves!).

What’s a SNOOD, you ask!?

Well, simply stated it’s a knitted scarf woven into a complete circle that you can wear around your neck like a collar necklace or looped for a bit more visual interest. Snoods tend to be made with chunkier yarn and look great with all of your weekend wear. Just scroll down, for a perfect example!

winter scarf style fashion 1So what’s left?!

Ah, how could we forget about the beloved BLANKET SCARF. Similar in scale to a CASHMERE PASHMINA, but less refined and often found in bold plaid prints, blanket scarfs are one of those accessories you can simply wear tons of ways. My one word of caution: blanket scarves tend to be A LOT of material. If it’s too stiff/chunky you’re going to look/feel swallowed by the scarf — ESPECIALLY if you’re petite. Make sure you give your blanket scarves the feel test before you buy. It’s generally pretty easy to tell if it’s going to be too thick for chic layering.

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Now, let’s talk the FRINGE SCARF.  This is a standard knit accessory made special with long, full fringe on each end. Stick to solids vs. prints on this style — the fringe should be the star of the show. One of my absolute favorites is THIS ONE (I have it in charcoal grey!). It’s so, so soft.

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What’s YOUR favorite winter scarf style?

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