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Powder Room Design Plan

SKC Powder Room Design Plan

I realized it has been quite a few days since our last home renovation update! It’s amazing how time just slips away when you’re having “fun.”

9 weeks to go, folks!

Here’s where we currently stand:

The exterior of the home is finally painted (Sherwin Williams CLASSIC FRENCH GRAY) and the black shutters are up. Now, we’re waiting on the new white garage door and bold front door (EEEeeek!!! It’s red!!!) installation.

The interior is completely framed out, rewired and fitted with new plumbing and HVAC. Insulation, drywall and priming is up next on the agenda!

My lighting fixtures have started to arrive and I just ordered a new round dining table, as well as this fabulous family room ARHAUS SECTIONAL in the softest grey flannel! Let my experience be a lesson to us all — large scale upholstery or custom furniture pieces require approximately 8-12 weeks of lead time.

Plan accordingly.

My dilly-dallying means we might be sitting on the floor for a week or 2.

In the meantime, I realized that I had not shared the all important powder room design plan with you! Our powder room is a half-bathroom located directly off the mudroom as you enter the home through the garage. It’s small, windowless and pretty barebones in terms of any architectural detail. It was my goal from the very beginning to take this unremarkable space and truly make it something special.


powder room design plan

When dealing with small spaces, many folks tend to be in the “lighter + brighter = bigger + better” school of thought. Actually, I’m the opposite. I love to use these little corners of the house to bring the drama and wow-factor. Since the actual square footage is minimal, it’s fun to use higher end materials and bring in special details that could not be afforded in any other space in the home.

Here, have a look…


SKC Powder Room Design Plan

My powder room is a combination of modern and glam, balancing the modern lines of the HEXAGONAL TILE with the soft swirls of SCHUMACHER ROMEO CARRARA WALLPAPER. A large circular, BRASS MIRROR topped with a complimentary BRASS 2-LIGHT FIXTURE is the ultimate exclamation point.

I fell in love with the idea of a fully wallpapered powder room when I spied these images on PINTEREST — the ultimate time sucker of a website. I enter and next thing I know, 2-hours have passed and I’m thousands of dollars deep in potential renovation ideas!

Powder Room Design Plan SKC Powder Room Design Plan The Heart's Delight Home Renovation

As you might have noticed, I decided to not add an overhead light to this room. It’s literally so small that I didn’t think it would be necessary. Hopefully, I won’t regret this choice! As any person who has either gut-renovated or built a new home can tell you, your electrical decisions are probably some of the toughest you’ll be making! It’s hard to know where you’ll want an outlet, overhead light, fan, or sconce until you’ve actually lived in a space. For now, it’s an informed (and expensive) guessing game. Luckily, I have licensed professionals looking out for me and serving as my sounding board whenever I have questions or concerns.

While I can usually envision art in a room, I’m also having a difficult time determining if I want anything on those gorgeous wallpapered walls. The marble pattern is very busy and I think it will take some serious searching before I settle on anything that will compliment the paper vs. entirely takeover. Again, the room is very small so anything added is A LOT. “More” can quickly become “too much” in scenarios like this!

What do you think?

Have any ideas or suggestions?

I’m also on the hunt for local, unique and affordable artists whose work I can incorporate throughout our home. If you’ve got any recommendations, I’ve love to hear about them in the comments below!

powder room design plan

(Inspiration images via 1 // 2 // 3)



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