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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 — The Homebody

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…and so it begins: a new holiday season and a whole new slew of gift guides!

This year, I’ll be posting a fresh weekly gift guide (perhaps with a bonus edition or two!) to help keep your holiday shopping on track and on budget.

I should totally add the title: “Santa’s Project Manager, North Pole Inc.” to my resume! Right?!

Between now and Christmas, I’ll be covering all sorts of gifting quandaries from finding that perfect gift for the person who has everything, to last minute gift ideas for that individual you completely overlooked #GiftingFail. BUT before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s chat about what to get the person who hates to leave their home when it’s cold outside (raises hand proudly!) — a.k.a. The Homebody.

Most of us tend to develop some homebody tendencies, especially as we get older. If “going out” involves getting dressed up in sub-freezing temperatures, The Homebody better be guaranteed an awesome night, or he/she is happily staying home in pajamas. The Homebody is about all things domestic, ranging from home gadgets and gizmos, to unique details and decor. Oh, and when it comes to a “big night in,” The Homebody can never turn down a hot beverage, luxe beauty treatment and an early bedtime.

With awesome holiday gifts like the ones below, can you really blame them?

(Click on the images for product detail!)

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Just a few notes for you, before I send you on your way…

Did you see the price on that cuddly THROW BLANKET (#1)? It’s on sale now for only $19!

If you have a coffee lover in your life, I beg you to get them this NESPRESSO MACHINE (#4). It has changed my world. It’s all the convenience of a Keurig, but with 1000x better taste and results. This is how coffee SHOULD taste.

CASHMERE PANTS (#8) !? That’s The Homebody’s dream come true. One drawback to this gift — you may NEVER get them out of the house once they put these babies on!

One thing I love about holiday gifting is that this is an opportunity to treat someone you care about to something they might never splurge on for themselves — no matter how big or small that splurge is. For example, while I adore burning SCENTED CANDLES (#9), I would never think to treat myself to that adorable MATCH STRIKE (#10). It would look fantastic styled on a coffee table and is both practical and pretty to look at.

Are you a homebody, or know someone who fits this description?

If so, what’s on YOUR list this season?

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 The Homebody

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