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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: The Health + Wellness Junkie

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We’ve all got our vices…

THIS individual’s list of vices just happen to include green juice and boutique fitness classes.

If you know someone who’s constantly on the hunt for their next endorphin high (exercise related, of course) and whose idea of “dressing up” includes their very favorite pair of LULULEMON LEGGINGS and DESIGNER SNEAKERS, then this guide is a MUST READ.

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Now, let’s discuss…

Athletic/sportswear/wellness is one of those genres where you want all the nice stuff, but hate to spend the money on things that you’ll just sweat in and throw into a locker. BUUuuuut, who doesn’t get motivated and inspired to move by all the new gear?! It’s quite the conundrum, which makes it all the more perfect for gifting!

Got a runner in your family!? Make sure that they stay warm and comfortable when they hit the icy pavement. While they may already have assorted black outerwear in their wardrobe, how about something a little different — white! This NORTH FACE JACKET (#1) is equally stylish and practical. With convenient thumbholes, dry-wick capability and an ultra warm prima-loft core, you’re recipient will thank you every time they head outside.

If your fitness fiend is more of the indoor variety — specifically yoga, make sure you check out the YOGITOES TOWEL (#6)! With non-stick grippers on the underside and an anti-microbial fabrication, you’ll be downward dogging without issue. There is nothing worse when you’re trying to get through a hot yoga class and your hands keep slipping on your sweaty mat. First World problems, I know… but disgusting nonetheless. Speaking of yoga mats, THIS ONE (#5) is almost too pretty to sweat on!

OK, I’m bringing back the 80’s with these LEG WARMERS (#11), but they are AWESOME. I’ve been wearing mine over my SOFTEST LEGGINGS (#2) on the coldest days to and from workouts. Not only are they adorable, but they actually manage to keep me warm – which is a feat in itself.

I’m personally a Nike loyalist (they’re great for narrower feet) and THIS PAIR (#16) is currently ON SALE and under $65. If you’re looking for a (non-Nike) alternative — I adore this ADIDAS NMD R2 PRIMEKNIT STYLE! How cool are they!?

Anything I missed?!

If you’re a health + wellness junkie, what’s on YOUR list?!

holiday gift guide health wellness junkie

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